Starting fresh. 

Its been a long time that I've not been very active over here on this blog.  I'm still a natural mama but there's other things more prominent in my life right now that I wanted to start blogging about. I felt like they really wouldn't fit in over here so I was torn for a … Continue reading Starting fresh. 

7 Ways to Edify Your Child

If you've been a parent for very long, or had a parent, or been around parents, then you know that one of the most crucial jobs is edifying your child. Many of the effects of daily life follow people from childhood through adolescents, and into adulthood. There are numerous psychological studies, books, and all sorts … Continue reading 7 Ways to Edify Your Child


Creating a Windowsill Herb Garden

This Tutorial First Appeared on the Big Tiny Steps Blog. Mandi has kindly shared it here with us today.  Ever since my family started the journey towards living a greener, more natural life we have been in love with the idea of growing our own food. Along with my desire to have less processed food … Continue reading Creating a Windowsill Herb Garden

Outdoor Family Fun: Improving Your Health By Embracing The Spring And Summer Months

Both parents and kids tend to get antsy during the winter months, so everybody is ready to celebrate when the spring and summer seasons arrive. The warmer seasons provide the perfect opportunity to improve both your physical and mental shape and there are plenty of fun ways to work on this as a family. Everybody … Continue reading Outdoor Family Fun: Improving Your Health By Embracing The Spring And Summer Months

Natural-ly 4 u – Shop Spotlight.

It was to my pleasant surprise one of my son's BFF's mom had started making natural products! I love to hear that the natural movement just keeps on growing, especially when it's local! I was delighted that she gave me a little bag of goodies to try! I knew I had to share all about … Continue reading Natural-ly 4 u – Shop Spotlight.

Transforming into Community blog. 

I apologize for being MIA lately. For a long while now I've been attempting to find 'guest' writers to contribute to the blog. (For those that have sent me entries, thank you! I'm going through everything in an attempt to catch up today) I didn't want to shut the blog down completely because there's still … Continue reading Transforming into Community blog. 

Amazing MRH MONTHLY SPECIALS that you don’t want to miss!

Monthly Specials at Mountain Rose Herbs Each month, MRH offers up to 60% off of a handpicked selection of their most popular products.  How much more kind and generous can they get? ^_^ Here are some of our favourite items on special this month: Frankincense Essential Oil 25% Off! Chamomile Flowers 20% Off! Cloves Whole  25% Off! … Continue reading Amazing MRH MONTHLY SPECIALS that you don’t want to miss!

e-cloth GIVEAWAY – General Purpose Cloth!

I'm excited to have teamed up with this awesome company to offer you the opportunity to win one of these amazing cloths! This environmentally friendly e-cloth can disinfect your home using only WATER! If you haven't already, check out my post: e-cloth - a great product for chemical free cleaning.  I am SO EXCITED to have … Continue reading e-cloth GIVEAWAY – General Purpose Cloth!

e-cloth – a great product for chemical free cleaning. (& GIVEAWAY!)

 I'm so excited to tell you all about this amazing product! Here's my beautiful Raspberry General Purpose Cloth from e-cloth! To use this cloth, all you need is water! This chemical free way to clean is revolutionary. This cloth kills 99% of bacteria trapping it in its fine microfiber. Just rinse with HOT water until wash day. Save … Continue reading e-cloth – a great product for chemical free cleaning. (& GIVEAWAY!)

Looking for Natural Contributors & Collaborators.

Mamas or Papas that own a natural shop or make natural products!* I'm looking for features and collaborations for the blog. We're big on natural DIY'S 🙂 I'm looking to feature small businesses' guests recipes & products. (Ideas that fit: recipes or remedies, bath & body, home improvement, natural cleaning, positive parenting, gardening, healthy eating, … Continue reading Looking for Natural Contributors & Collaborators.