Growing Up Herbal Challenge.

Growing Up Herbal is having a fantastic monthly challenge for all the herbal / natural mamas out there! How sweet is that?!


Here you can find the introduction to this amazing challenge.

What’s needed to join in on the challenge:

Make sure you’re signed up to receive Growing Up Herbal’s weekly Letters To Natural Mama emails in order to stay up-to-date on info about the challenge.

Then, head out and purchase the following:

  • Dried Organic Calendula Flowers
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil
  • Organic Calendula Hydrosol (Flower Water)
  • small bottle of liquor (vodka – 80 proof – cheap/brandy – tastes better)
  • glass jars: preparation – small mason jars, storage – colored glass jars are ideal (4 oz. screw cap and 4 oz. dropper)

(MOUNTAIN ROSE HERBS is great for any and all herbal supplies)

Once each weekly project is complete,Growing up Herbal asks that you take photos of your creation, upload to social media, tag on their Facebook Page / Twitter (@GrowingUpHerbal) & hashtag #GUHjuneherbchallenge

If it doesn’t already sound like a super fun challenge, it gets better! Growing Up Herbal is offering one lucky participant a Herbal Face Kit from Mountain Rose Herbs valued at $29!


It includes the following:

  • Herbal Steam – Open pores with skin nourishing plant oils.
  • Cleansing Grains – Gently exfoliate dead skin and clear pores.
  • Green Clay Mask – Absorb toxins, stimulate circulation, and deep clean pores.
  • Wild Rose Facial Oil – Moisturize, protect, and balance your skin.
  • Rosewater Toner – Invigorating astringent to tighten pores and seal in moisture.

I wanted to pick a little something nice for you mama… you do so much to care for your sweet little ones, and you deserve something that will help you refresh and rest from those long hard days of mothering!

In the week 1 challenge, you will learn how to make Calendula infused oil, which is useful for so many things. Included is a bonus recipe for making Calendula Healing Salve!

Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to review the first challenge & get started!



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