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Shop Spotlight ~ Atomic Balm + a GIVEAWAY! {CLOSED}

Meet Tammy Griffin!

Tammy of Atomic Balm 

She runs the all natural online shop ~ Atomic Balm

Tammy’s products range from Novelty to Healing.  Based out of Smithville, Ontario Canada, this shop is well worth the visit.

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The Herbal Healing Mama Reviews

Hi Tammy! Thanks so much for joining us here!

Tell us a bit about your shop, benefits of your products or what got you started:

Believe it or not it all started one fall afternoon, money was(is) tight and I was trying to plan for Christmas gifts. I have always been creative in one way or another, so I thought I would create some gifts.  I wanted to have all natural ingredients in my items, since the people I was making the items for have known skin sensitivities. 

There are a lot of “big name” products out there that claim to be all natural, a closer look at labels, and you see that’s not the case.  I wanted my items to be safe, (and fun).

Lip Balms I started with lip balms, bath bombs, and solid bubble bath, then my son acquired a skin condition, so I did lots of research to tackle that, making a healing salve for him, and IT WORKED! I have since added a few different salves for different conditions, usually I will get a request from a customer with a condition, and they will ask if I can make something for it. ( i do a lot of make to order items)

I also make soaps, – all natural glycerin, re batch hand-milled, and most recently Cold Process. All of Atomic Balm Soapmy products are made with natural ingredients, like butters, oils and essential oils, (there are a few with fragrance oils ie. some novelty soaps) but I am only using skin safe ingredients .

Also you may notice that I do not have a large quantity of one item, that’s because I make my products in small batches or on a pre-order basis, that’s to ensure the freshness of an item or that its catered to a certain persons needs, also with out the added preservatives its always good to make fresh, — Yes! You heard right, as of right now I do not use preservatives. I do however use natural oils/ additives to prolong the shelf life of a product.  With most of the items I make there really is no need to add preservatives, and the whole idea around natural products is to stick with all natural ingredients, and when you introduce preservatives it takes away from that whole concept, so until they come up with some sort of all natural preservative I wont be using any.


Tell us about Atomic Balm’s Top Selling Product: 

Rhassoul Clay Charcoal Soap

Right now my top seller seems to be my Hand Milled Rhassoul clay with Activated charcoal with rosemary & orange Essential oil. It’s a wonderful facial bar that you can use all over. It’s wonderful for moisturizing your skin and pulling out all the toxins, tightening pores and clearing up blemishes.

Purchase This Here!

What’s your favorite product to make? & why?

My favorite items to make, that’s a tough one because I enjoy making everything, but I guess I would have to say I have a lot of fun making my bath creamers and fizzys.

Atomic Balm Bath Fizzy

I also really get a lot of enjoyment out of making a healing salve when a person has requested something, It’s a great feeling to know that your helping someone with skin issues that they may have been battling with for years.

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a call or a note from a happy customer who cant believe the relief they get from trying my product, it’s customers like that that become regulars.

What are your favorite products to use and why?

I have a few favorite items, I really love my healing lip butters/balms. I use them daily. {I do too Tam!}

I also really like my solid pain bars, they work really well and are all natural. I like the fact that I am not adding any extra chemicals into my body. I also use my solid lotion ( for mature skin) & I have really noticed a difference in how my skin feels and looks.

The Herbal Healing Mama’s Faves:

This was a hard decision as there is so much greatness here BUT I came up with a small list with links as to where you can purchase the items. You can also message Tammy through Atomic Balm’s Facebook page to put in orders for items that aren’t currently listed on Storenvy.

  • Banana Bread Lip Balm – The smell of this is seriously addictive! This is a must purchase from Atomic Balm! It glosses your lips delicately & again, it smells divine! Definitely my ultimate fave!

Banana Bread Lip Balm

  • Banana Lip Gloss – I love the look of this gloss. It makes your lips look so luscious!
  • Happy Bath Bomb. This bomb is amazing! It fizzed and foamed for at least 3 minutes & filled the tub with an amazing aroma! It definitely is a stress relieving bath bomb! Plus, just look at that happy packaging! How can you not feel completely pampered when you’re unwrapping such loveliness before your bath?! I really loved all the sparkles and confetti floating around in the tub too! Atomic Balm’s Bath Bombs are loaded with nourishing butters that leave your skin feeling like silk!

Atomic Balm Happy Bomb

  • I must praise Atomic Balm’s Solid Bubble Bars! These bars are seriously amazing & intense! It filled the tub with luxurious bubbles that stayed with me during the entire length of my bath! (I bet you can’t say that about your store bought bubble bath can you?) 😉 So delicious! They are so easy to use, simply crumble under your stream of running bath water and watch them turn into copious amounts of yummy bubbles!

Atomic Balm Bubble Bar

Youth Log Triple Butter/African Black Soap

While I had one of Atomic Balm’s original African Black Soap Bars, they now offer it mixed within their Youth Log Bar Soap. In my opinion that equals extra awesomeness! This is a creamy, moisturizing three butter infused soap. Real chunks of African Black Soap, and ground oatmeal, make this bar extra lovely! Wonderful for all over body cleansing and moisturizing, & is good for treating blackheads, acne, eczema and psoriasis as well! WOW!

Youth Log

Atomic Balm - Herbal Healing Mama 1I also had the pleasure of trying their Gold Rush Bath Powder! Ummm – YUM! It’s so moisturizing! It sparkles too! ❤

I really enjoyed pampering myself with all of these luxurious products! Thank You Atomic Balm!

Be sure to check out & follow their pages & enter the giveaway by clicking the link below! ❤

Atomic Balm on Storenvy 

Atomic Balm on Facebook


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