Halloween Giveaway with Sherida’s Skullies, Skellies & Stuff {closed}

sheridaMeet Contessa Sherida Von Schausenstein! She is an all around spooky artist from Niagara Region, Ontario Canadacreating unique pieces for her shop Sherida’s Skullies, Skellies & Stuff.

Sherida’s Skullies, Skellies & Stuff‘s products range from spooky halloween themed repainted figurines, creepy bottles, and other such trinkets. Contessa Sherida is also very talented at painting and graphic makeup. 
Sherida's art
Recently Contessa Sherida’s art was featured in a two page spread in Club West magazine. She has always made local newspapers for her creepy crafts and exceptionally horrific makeup.
Here is Contessa Sherida at Grimsby’s Zombie Walk.

Contessa Sherida

Hi Contessa Sherida! Thanks so much for joining us here! ❤ 

From where do you draw your inspiration?:

I got my inspiration from Dia de Los Meurtos – Day of the Dead…a Mexican holiday honoring the deceased! I love the beautiful spooky sugar skulls…the colors are so bright & magnificent!

What are your Ultimate Goals and Dreams for Sherida’s  Skullies Skellies & Stuff to accomplish?
To be enjoyed by many!
Tell us about Sherida’s Skullies Skellies & Stuff‘s Top Selling Product:
My creepy bottles seem to be the most popular…..also my repainted figurines.

What’s your favorite product to make? & why? 

I enjoy everything I create! I love taking a second hand figurine & turning it into a skellie or zombie! I love painting my creepy bottles & embellishing them with charms & antique looking labels….I love to paint on canvas….

Thanks so much for sharing with us Sherida! We enjoy your spooky products thoroughly! ❤

We are so thankful you’d like to share one of your products to one lucky reader! Introducing the newest addition to Sherida’s spooky collection. Ghost B Gone spray!

ghost be goneghost b gone, monster mist, boogeyman blast

These have been on Sherida’s list of things to make for many many years! I am so happy to see her finally get them live! Ghost B Gone, Monster Mist & Boogeyman Blast sprays! They are all natural and scented lightly with Lavender. This helps calm children when having a hard time getting to sleep. “Use a few sprays around your room and those ghosts, monsters and boogeymen will be gone!” I love the idea of allowing your child to independently shoo away their nighttime fears! These are going to be a big hit Sherida!

 Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for!



The GIVEAWAY is up and running for 13 days! ~ To make things interesting – IF we are able to collect 200 entries before the first week is up (Thursday) I will add in to the giveaway with: 1 Pumpkin Spice Bath Blend, 1 Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub & 1 Pumpkin Spice Lotion bar!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??! 😉  Get Sharing!! ❤ Xx

Looks Like We made it!! As promised when our giveaway reached 200 entries, I would add in 1 Pumpkin Spice Bath Blend, 1 Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub & 1 Pumpkin Spice Lotion Bar!!! WOO-HOO!


GIVEAWAY October 2014


 Contest Closes October 30th 2014


Thanks so much to everyone that entered!


56 thoughts on “Halloween Giveaway with Sherida’s Skullies, Skellies & Stuff {closed}

  1. Willow says:

    I got the sugar scrub recipe somewhere online (so I wouldn’t want to print someone else’s recipe). I have experimented with using coffee grounds as well, but it can get messy in your bathtub. The basic ingredients to play around with are white sugar, brown sugar, oils like coconut or almond, and essential oils.

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