Grounding Footwear for Earthing.

I’d like to take a moment to talk about an amazing company! – JuilEARTHING SHOES of all styles and fashions! Even Element collections! The product list is amazing and they certainly have something for everyone!

SO much love to this amazing company!


Their shoes are designed to keep us grounded and connected to the earth. How amazing is that!?

A way to go barefoot, without going barefoot! 😉 

Basically, Earthing is maintaining a direct connection to the surface of the Earth, which is very beneficial to our health. Juil’s shoes help to keep this connection by using copper “dots”.

They act as a conduit between your body and the earth, allowing you to stay truly connected and balanced.

Juil sandals and shoes cleanse your body of stress and toxins in the form of free radicals. The benefit is simple, you feel better.

If you’re interested in learning more about Earthing be sure to check out Juil’s FAQ Page

Research indicates that maintaining a direct connection between your feet and Earth’s surface, may be beneficial to your health. When you’re barefoot, your body is able to absorb Earth’s limitless supply of free electrons. These electrons serve the function of antioxidants by stabilizing rampant, unhealthy free radicals in your body. As a result, you help decrease your body’s chances of growing inflammation, degenerative diseases and other health ailments. Moreover, you feel good. – Why Our Ancestors Had It Right By Going Barefoot – Mind Body Green. 


They are even offering a FREE chakra roll on with every purchase right now! Grab this deal while it lasts! ❤ 

Back By Popular Demand! Our gift with purchase from Aura Cacia Aromatherapy is here again! We’re throwing in a Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Roll-On with every pair purchased!





Juil Earthing Shoes

Juil - Earthing Shoes - Connect With the Earth

 Happy Earthing! ~ ❤

This post contains Affiliate links for Juil

Meaning, if you purchase something from my links I earn a small commission. <– Thank You! 


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