The Tech TimeoutTM challenge started by ForestersTM encourages families to take a daily break from technology. Participating families are encouraged to disconnect from all things electronic with the goal of helping spouses, parents and children build stronger bonds, communicate more personally and get more involved in each other’s lives.

I think this is a wonderfully motivational challenge that my family will definitely be participating in! I hope yours will too! I try to do this a few times a day. My son is 9 and a ‘big time techy’ which, don’t get me wrong.. Much of it is very useful and productive but I think it’s so important to take time together, chatting about the day, going for a walk, making snacks together etc. 

Foresters Tech is hosting this sweepstakes to encourage families to spend more personal time together and are offering up a $100 gift card to Amazon! Open to US & Canada (read the full terms on the contest page)

As champions of family well-being, ForestersTM is hosting a contest to encourage families to spend less time plugged in and more time tuned into each other.

Join the movement by pinning your family’s favorite tech-free activity to the Foresters Tech Timeout “Family Activity Time” pin board and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

How simple & fun for such a great opportunity from a wonderful movement! 

Enter the “Foresters Tech Timeout Sweepstakes” for a chance to win $100.

Enter to Win $100



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