FaeMoon Wolf Designs ~ Shop Spotlight

Meet Crowwolf and Katy!

Katy & Crowwolf  from Faemoon Wolf Designs

Together, they run the online shop FaeMoon Wolf Designs from Colorado, United States.

Creating unique, one of a kind pieces together, Inspired by Mother Earth.

Together they create traditional Native American leathercraft; moccasins, medicine bags, leather bags, beadwork, jewelry, dreamcatchers & herbal tea blends.

This shop is well worth the visit! 

FaeMoon Wolf Designs

Katy and Crowwolf work together as artists and as husband and wife creating beautiful, handmade Native American leathercraft, jewelry, seed bead design, herbal tea blends, dream catchers and more. Each piece is one of a kind and handmade with joy, love and a touch of Faerie Magic 🙂
FaeMoon Wolf Designs 1

Katy is a herbalist and Reiki Master/Teacher. She has combined her love of herbs, gemstones, beading and energy to create a line of delicious handcrafted herbal teas and beautiful gemstone and seed bead jewelry designs. She also enjoys creating the bead work for Crowwolf’s leather designs.

Katy & Crowwolf  from Faemoon Wolf Designs

Crowwolf was raised in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Crowwolf creates beautiful, unique Native American leather craft, jewelry and more. Crowwolf learned the traditional, Lakota way of leather crafting and jewelry making as passed down from Elders. He keeps these traditions alive through his wonderful creations.

Crowwolf  from Faemoon Wolf Designs

Hand blended herbal teas by Katy are all infused with her Reiki Healing Energy & even include a small crystal for added energy. Katy also accepts custom orders on her special blends!

Tea Blends Include:

 Custom Made to Order Moccasins by Crowolf with hand sewn beadwork by Katy. 

Some of the custom medicine bags and leather bags that they have to offer:

& A few other gorgeous creations:

FaeMoon Wolf Designs 2

Each design handcrafted by Crowwolf and/or Katy is cleansed within the sacred smoke with prayer.

Keep In Touch With FaeMoon Wolf Designs Around The Web! 


FaeMoon Wolf Designs
Dance of Life – Katy
Passion – Crowwolf

I hope you enjoy FaeMoon Wolf Designs’ products as much as I do ~ ❤ 


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