We Will Be Welcoming a New Member of Our Tribe!

Friends! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve posted here. I just wanted to post a quick update to let you know why I’ve been MIA for so long.


IMG1st scan december 12

We will be at 11 weeks as of Thursday! I have been spending much of my time resting, hoping the remaining nausea will subside shortly. It’s funny I had written that post on Nausea & Morning Sickness before I even knew I was expecting! I had been nauseous for some time and was trying out old herbal remedies… no wonder they weren’t working. I was using the wrong ingredients not knowing I was under the pregnant category. haha.

Our due date is July 16th 2015. We are all hoping for a lil gal this time around. My son is 9 now, so it’s been quite some time since I’ve experienced these feelings. I will definitely have to brush up on my herbal help during this pregnancy & put together some posts. (I started a new category – yay!)

Hubs has been the most amazing & helpful soul I’ve ever known. I cannot express with words my amount of gratitude for him. ❤

We recently celebrated the Solstice. (I had so many holiday drafts that I wanted up before Yule BUT bed had me instead) Anyways… He got so many thoughtful & helpful gifts for both me during pregnancy, our family & the new babe. ❤

Salt Lamp & Crystals

My honey got the baby a Himalayan salt lamp to go in the nursery & he got some moon stones (the stone of fertility) to ease my belly, ease stress, balance hormones, promote healthy lactation, & they will also be helpful to use during labor.

He also got us all a piece of Unakite to wear for our positive energy to be given to the babe, as well as promote a healthy strong bond & pregnancy. They are great to wear during pregnancy to promote health for the child & mother. They are good for the father and siblings to wear to develop a connection as well.

A closer shot of our new family crystals!

A closer shot of our new family crystals! >>———->

Holistic Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth

Another wonderful Yule gift from hubby xx I can’t wait to get reading it together! Thank you! #Blessed #holistic#pregnancy #spiritualpregnancy

Herbal Healing Tribe

Here is the 3 of us on Yule morning.

I had some mugs made up as Yule gifts. This one is mine <3

I had some mugs made up as Yule gifts. This one is mine ❤

If you’re interested, I have been keeping my Instagram updated. (I also have a giveaway going on over there right now for a bunch of herbal goodies) I would be delighted for you to join me over there. ❤

Hope everyone is well! Happy Holidays!

Do you use crystals for healing?

Do any of you celebrate the solstice?

What are your family traditions?

How many pregnant mamas reading this?  


5 thoughts on “We Will Be Welcoming a New Member of Our Tribe!

  1. Mommy Lives Clean says:

    Congratulations Briar-Rose! That is very exciting news. I’m laughing because I am pregnant too, due July 20th! How funny is that. I’ve been so up and down I haven’t been posting much either. I am looking forward for your pregnancy posts. I’m sure it will help me stay on a healthier path!

    Liked by 1 person

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