Spiritual Healing ~ Insightful Enlightenment.

Hi Friends!

I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA as of late. I promise I will be working on getting new posts up shortly! So far, this pregnancy has left me mostly exhausted. I’m finally passed the “morning sickness” part of it, thank goodness! I was sick all of my pregnancy with my son, so I’m thankful this isn’t the case this time around. (yuck) I’m at the 17 week mark as of today! (& feeling enormous!) ^_^ ❤

429538_10151340927210604_381434673_nI wanted to do a quick note here to let you all know, my soul sissy and I have been putting together some spiritual healing goodness to share with our friends. We have collectively ran our Insightful Enlightenment page on Facebook for quite some time, but decided to start a WordPress blog to keep everything more organized and to come together further to offer the world more of our combined healing services.


You can find us over on Etsy as well, where we have a few listings up for some of the things we 928652_1047472855268795_56932892_ncurrently offer. Card Readings, Intuitive Counselling, Distant Healing, and of course, my handmade natural goodies. I have started to re-make some of my older spiritual blends from the ‘Briar-Rose’s Blessed Boutique’ days. We plan on loading up with many more services and goodies in the near future.


ask anythingWe also offer an ‘Ask Anything’ section of our new blog, where readers can ask us their spiritual questions and we will combine our thoughts, advice, guidance and intuition to answer them to the best of our abilities. You can send us your questions by going into our ‘let’s talk‘ section, or emailing us directly at insightfulenlightenment@outlook.com

You can read more about who we are individually by checking out our ‘About Us‘ section & check out more of what we offer under the ‘What We Do‘ section.

Aside from offering Intuitive Card Readings for purchase, we have decided to do a giveaway each month, offering one for free! ❤ I hope you’ll come take a look & enter our very 1st one!

GIVEAWAY for 1 FREE Intuitive Card Reading! ❤ 

Thanks so much friends. Love & Light! 


Soul sisters Briar-Rose & Nikkie. We strive to offer the world Healing, Guidance, Abundance & Love. Uplift One Another – Be The Change.


Find us around the web:

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