Would You Like to Write for The Herbal Healing Mama?

Hi Friends! I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m not nearly as active here, since becoming pregnant. I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I would love your help filling in the gaps! Yes you! ^_^ I feel like I have been letting my regular readers down by not being able to post as often.

Are you an all natural shop / crafter / creator / recipe writer? Or even a natural writer / blog author.

I would love to feature your natural recipes, guest article posts etc.

Write for The Herbal Healing Mama

Some shop owners have the misconception that if they give a recipe for free then no one will be interested in purchasing from them instead of making it themselves. This simply isn’t the case. I have regular sales on my Etsy store even though all of my recipes can be found here for free.

What I’m looking for:

The main mission of The Herbal Healing Mama is to help others with natural options and alternatives to everyday (chemical) products. To help, share and learn herbal & natural wellness.

  • Natural recipes: no artificial ingredients, no chemicals, no sulphates (sulfates), no parabens.
  • Herbal or natural articles: info, how-to’s, about, remedies,
  • Natural practices, news, etc.
  • Organic cooking, baking etc.
  • Essential oils: safety, info, uses, blends,
  • DIY crafts & family fun (natural would be prefered of course)
  • Family wellness
  • Babies, children & pregnancy

That list is just a general idea or guideline. Please let me know if you have something you think would fit on The Herbal Healing Mama.

What I have to offer:

The Herbal Healing Mama blog gets approximately 11,000 hits a month. This would hopefully direct new or more traffic to your shop or blog.

I will help with promotion and sharing. We will link in to your site / Etsy / products / FB / blog etc.

Even though I wish I had the funds to be able to compensate in monetary ways, it’s simply not possible at this time. The Herbal Healing Mama is not currently bringing in much of an income. We get monetized through affiliate programs, if we make sales, and our Etsy shop. We are basically just making enough to cover what we buy for supplies to make new recipes here or  for our products on Etsy.


If you are interested, please read below: 

While I’d love to accept everyone, I have to be sure you fit the basic morals of The Herbal Healing Mama. I will not post anything that has chemical components.

I may edit and add links to our suppliers. (just basic spell check etc.)

How to go about submitting:

If you have a WordPress account, I can add you on as a contributor. You can write your own posts, and save them to drafts for my approval.

If you don’t have a WordPress account, you can simply message me your ideas / write ups & links. I will upload with your info. (Guest Post / Guest Recipe By:)

You can read my original Opportunities page & submit via contact form or directly to email: TheHerbalHealingMama@outlook.com

Please make the title very clear. I am backed up on emails and don’t want to lose any.

I am excited & looking forward to what you all come up with! 

Thank You Friends. ❤


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