Lavender Sleep Lotion ~ DIY All Natural

Lavender is used to help calm the nerves, promote sleep, rest and relaxation. Using lavender’s calming essence as a form of aromatherapy is very effective to help you drift off to sleep.

Here is a quick and simple recipe to make your own lavender sleep lotion. I added butters to this version but you can also make it with coconut oil alone.

Lavender Sleep Lotion

What You’ll Need:

→ Essential Oils:

I use Lavender alone but I included some other options that help with calming and sleep.

  • Lavender – Calming, works as an anti-depressant, fights headaches
  • Clary Sage – Relieves stress, helps balance hormones, fights insomnia
  • Bergamot – Helps to relieve anxiety & balance emotions
  • Roman Chamomile – Calms your stomach & nerves-especially effective in children
  • Frankincense – Promotes calmness, relaxation & deep breathing for staying healthy.


  • Pan on the stove / double boiler etc.
  • mixing bowl
  • mixing stick
  • hand blender (This is the one I use)
  • storage containers

To Make:

Melt and mix equal parts coconut oil & butters. (on low) (You can use a pan on the stove, a double boiler etc.)

Remove from heat & stir in your essential oil. I put 4 or 5 drops to a 6 oz container. (just be sure to look up some dilution ratios if you’re unsure)

Place melted oils in the fridge until they solidify or harden back up.

once your mixture is solid, you can hand blend it until it’s nice and fluffy!

Scoop into your containers & store in a cool dark place, or your fridge works too.

~ ❤

Rub on temples, nape of neck, bottom of feet, wrists and hands.

Sleep Sweet. ❤

Please also see our Sleepy Time Bath Blend & Our Herbal Baby Bedtime Bath Blend for extra relief.

I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs & Starwest Botanicals for all of your herbal healing needs! Harmonious Mind is also a great Canadian supplier of essential oils and other great things. & check out our post on Canadian Suppliers for Essential Oils. You can purchase any extra supplies over at Images Edited using PicMonkey. Some of the links here are affiliate sites, meaning if you make a purchase using my link, I earn a small commission! Thank You for supporting The Herbal Healing Mama. & Please also see my disclaimer. Thanks Friends.


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