The Importance of Skin to Skin with your Newborn

Skin to skin has many proven effective purposes. I think it’s such an important thing to know before you have your baby. It’s proven beneficial for many months after the newborn stage as well. I wish I had of had access to this information with my first son, ten years ago. I’m glad I got to experience it with Draevyn. My hope is to share this information with other parents (or soon to be parents) that may not be aware of the many benefits.

skin to skin

What is skin to skin?

Holding your naked (or diapered) baby on your bare chest as soon as possible after birth for at least an hour.

Use a light blanket over baby’s back.

Skin to skin can be done by both parents as soon as possible after birth.



Why skin to skin is so important:

When babies are held skin-to-skin, they can hear their mother’s heartbeat and breathing, and smell and feel her skin. This is familiar and comforting to babies and helps them to use their natural instincts. – Breastfeeding Matters

  • Regulates / stabilizes baby’s heart rate, breathing rate & blood sugar level.
  • Helps improve your milk flow & supply
  • Keeps baby warm through your body heat
  • Calms baby in turn they will cry less
  • Promotes bonding and getting to know one another
  • Promotes a good latch. (Less likely to get sore nipples & baby will get more milk) (Have you heard about baby led latching?)

C-section moms can use this by either having daddy, or partner do skin to skin until you’re able, or asking the nurse or doctor if it’s possible after surgery. Express how important it is to you. Most hospitals practice the importance anyhow.

Skin to skin can be beneficial for mom & baby for many months postpartum. Don’t ever underestimate the power of touch. I’ve read many stories of skin to skin saving both mama and baby in many instances.

Skin to skin can be one of the most important things you do if you’ve got a premature newborn.

Practice skin to skin in the bath tub too!

Love & Cuddles! ❤

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