A Natural Cleaning Spray from Citrus Ingredients.

A natural cleaning spray from citrus ingredients

*Guest Post*

This article is contributed to The Herbal Healing Mama from Kathleen Crane who works for TenancyCleaning – Thank You Kathleen!

Nowadays there is a diverse array of cleaning products that are suitable for cleaning your home, however, some people still prefer to use a home-made cleaning kit when they partake in common household chores.

It’s not difficult to use natural cleaners as long as you are acquainted with the right recipes. Natural cleaning sprays from citrus ingredients have become popular recently, as they have proven their efficiency against a wide range of stains and dirt.

Instead of buying commercial cleaners that can often turn out to be ineffective, you can simply try these wonderful natural recipes that will make your home sparkling clean and shiny.

Citrus ingredients will not only clean the surfaces in your home but they will also refresh the air in a unique way.

In the following article you will be acquainted with a great recipe that includes citrus ingredients. The link above also includes an array of cleaners that include natural ingredients.

All Purpose Cleaner With Citrus Peels

The basic ingredients that you will need for this recipe are citrus peels and white vinegar. For equipment  you will need a big jar, one large bowl and a suitable spray bottle. After you supply yourself with these things, follow these instructions:

* Make sure that you have a variety of citrus peels. The type of the citrus peels does not matter, as long as you can fill half of the jar

* Once you’ve filled the jar with the peels fill the remainder with vinegar then, cover the jar with a lid and store it in a dark place. The jar should stay that way for up to 2 weeks as the longer the solution rests the stronger the results will be.

* After the cleaner is ready, strain it by using a fine mesh sieve, situated over a bowl

* The final procedure consists of pouring the citrus cleaner into a suitable spray bottle and using it as a cleaner for dirt and stains.

After preparing the all-purpose cleaner you can use it for cleaning a wide range of surfaces like granite, laminate, stone, porcelain and marble. Always test a small spot before applying on to the entire surface for things such as wood. The cleaner may discolour some surfaces.

Many people fall for the idea that natural cleaners cannot clean the surfaces in a perfect way but the truth is that when you follow the right instructions you can have a great home-made cleaning kit. The all-purpose citrus cleaners are an ideal choice for those who search for alternative ways to make their homes sparkling clean and shiny. In case you have decided to try eco-friendly cleaning approaches, you can start with this easy all-purpose citrus cleaner.

Consider the tips mentioned above when you prepare your first citrus cleaner and don’t hesitate to add it to your cleaning kit. Remember that natural cleaners are harmless for your health and can be easily made, provided you have the motivation and some free time. If you are keen on natural cleaning recipes, you will definitely appreciate this lovely recipe for a quick citrus cleaner. Try this natural spray and you will be pleased with the final results. Roll up your sleeves and prepare the ultimate citrus spray!

The article is contributed by Kathleen Crane who works for TenancyCleaning


3 thoughts on “A Natural Cleaning Spray from Citrus Ingredients.

  1. Danny Williams says:

    Great tips! I green clean my house very often! Since you’ve started using natural ingredients in our homemade cleaning products our family is healthier and does not suffer from allergies anymore. My favorite products for alternative cleaning are baking soda, vinegar and sea salt! Thanks for sharing your useful tips! Happy cleaning!

    Liked by 1 person

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