Look Here, Comic Lovers! Who’s Your Superhero?

This article is contributed to The Herbal Healing Mama from (my wonderfully talented husband) Dean Sexton for Your Comic Story.

Growing up in the smallish town of Grimsby, Ontario there wasn’t much for a kid to do besides dream. And this kid dreamed big. Sure there was serenity in the  quaint familiarity of daily life, but I craved more. Adventure. Romance. Drama. Action. The things that small town life just couldn’t offer a burgeoning boy with an abounding imagination. My solace from the ennui was hidden in novels and video games, but most importantly comic books. I spent innumerable days with my face buried within their pages, picturing myself clad in iron, leather or spandex, saving the world with a boundless array of powers.  One day I’d be the Hulk destroying an army and basking in the rage that offered a sense of freedom and resilience. On another I was Spider-Man swinging through the city miles above it all, my cares evaporating as I plummeted toward danger. That’s the wonderful thing about comics, many people consider them to be little more than bright and whimsical tales of flight and fancy, but for a boy trapped within adolescence they were so much more. They were a means of salvation. To become something better. And more often than not the turmoil of our heroes wasn’t so different from our own. It wasn’t just their powers that were relatable, it was their stories, their lives, in a sense they were just like us, people living a duel life, the one chosen for them, and the one they dreamed about when they closed their eyes.


Your Comic Story has tapped into what made comics so special years ago, bringing that feeling of wonder when we imagined ourselves as our favorite heroes to life.

Author: Dean Sexton

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Thanks Dean! 🙂


What is Your Comic Story?

Custom Comic Books!

We do custom stories for any age or occasion, invitations, marketing/educational materials and more.

YourComicStory.com is a one-of-a-kind group of comic art enthusiasts. We may be nerds, but we are also Parents, Husbands, and even Marketers. One day we realized that comic books tell a better story.
And the crazy thing is – you don’t have to be a fan of comic books to appreciate comic books. As long as you love stories and creativity – you’re hooked (as so many of our customers are).

Let them help you tell Your Superhero Story!

Your Comic Story is on Kickstarter with My First Startup – educational comic book for kids!

. fd6d9349baff0d6116a9029793be320e_original

The comic book follows two kids, Tanya and Kevin, as each tries to create a business. It presents typical obstacles faced by startup founders in a easy-to-understand, engaging, and practical way. We consulted with economists, child psychologists, and successful entrepreneurs to make sure our comic book is accessible to kids, teaches sound principles, and is based on the real issues faced by startup founders.

We really believe in “My First Startup”. From our research, we found nothing quite like this. There are various books, articles, and TV shows – but nothing that a kid can pick up and have fun learning on their own. We received enthusiastic feedback from a number of educational, parent, and entrepreneurial organizations. We consulted with experts in economics, child psychology, and entrepreneurship. But the ultimate judge is YOU. We hope you love My First Startup and get one for every kid you know.

To help kids get the most out of “My First Startup” and be more prepared for starting a business, we are offering some exciting perks:

They are offering many incentives for helping to fund them. (if it wasn’t already worth it) Here are a few things they are offering:

  • Social Media shoutout
  • eBook version
  • first edition print versions
  • made-from-scratch 4 page comic book
  • 15 minute Skype call to discuss your kid’s business
  • Startup toolkit, which includes: free business cards, help setting up an eCommerce store, shipping labels & more.

– One backer will get his kid drawn into the comic book, and so everyone’s comic book will feature your kid as a character. This is our ultimate way of saying “you’re part of the story, welcome!”


This project will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by Thu, Sep 24 2015 12:05 PM EDT. SO please, check out Your Comic Story on Kickstarter & help bring this amazing project to life. 

Every Dollar Helps!



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