‘Breastmilksicles’ for teething relief. 

Teething pops made from Frozen Breastmilk. 

Babies can begin teething quite early on. Both my boys started at 3 months!! At 3 months there isn’t much you can do in the way of teething help, aside from chilled teething rings which get old quickly in our case. Once they’re a little older, you can chill chamomile tea in wash cloths and refrigerate them, or use a Clove teething mix, etc.

Water is toxic to such small babies so I was trying to come up with a solution to help the little guy out that wouldn’t involve any meds.

Teething Breastmilk pops!

Frozen Breastmilk Teething Pops.

We got these cute little Nuby food nibblers from my cousin at our baby shower:

Nuby The Nibbler
And she swears by them.

I have a container of pumped Breastmilk bags in the freezer:

Frozen Breastmilk
So I thought, why not break a chunk off and throw it in the nibbler.

I suppose if I had of thought of it sooner, it would make more sense to freeze the Breastmilk in small cubes ahead of time but this certainly did the trick!

He LOVED IT! & it stopped him from crying and or chewing on his fists for a few minutes! It seemed to really help relieve some of the teething pain!

Mom for the win!

“My Mama fixes everything with coconut oil and breastmilk!” ^_^

My Mama fixes everything with coconut oil and breastmilk

What are some of your natural teething relief tricks?


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