Have You Heard of Healing with The Emotion Code?

This is a guest post written by Daphne Delouya for The Herbal Healing Mama. Thank you Daphne, we are happy to have you!

Wouldn’t you love to know what you and your children really need to heal? Our subconscious knows absolutely everything about us. And it’s very simple to communicate with it. Imbalances such as birth trauma (for mother and child), post-partum depression and a distressed baby or child can be helped and healed.

The “Emotion Code” is the simplest and fastest method yet devised to help heal emotional and physical pain and illness. “It’s like having an ‘app’ for your body.” (Dr. Bradley Nelson) We focus on the fact that the answers are inside us.

There’s very little this work can’t address. I specialize in children’s digestive issues and children and adult anxiety. I also work with people with all types of physical and emotional pain and symptoms.

The Emotion Code and its complementary discipline The Body Code’s purposes are to find and release underlying causes of disease and imbalances, and to create conditions for the body to heal and stay healthy. Physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become more manageable. 

The premise is that everything is energy–It’s a simple matter of muscle testing to discover the information needed. Practitioners test a client directly or connect energetically long-distance (this work is often done via phone or Skype). As with all muscle testing, one’s subconscious naturally reacts positively (with strength) to the truth and negatively (with weakness) to anything untrue. We ask “yes” and “no” questions and the body answers.

Imbalances consist of energies held in the body, most often trapped negative emotions from intense events from the recent or distant past; they affect physical tissues, distorting the body’s normal energy field which can cause acute pain and disease. Trapped emotions are the driving force behind PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias and all manner of mental and physical illness. They can block one from love and happiness causing a disconnection from others.

Often what we think is the reason for pain is, in fact, not what’s actually creating it. You can trust the body to provide answers and directions for healing. The rule is…anything can cause anything. We address the true underlying causes. Example: a trapped emotion of feeling Hopeless at age 7 can be held in an organ or gland, and can create a weakness making someone more susceptible to illness or injury in that area. Once determined, a trapped energy is released simply using a magnet.

A client of mine wrote: 

“Daphne’s been working on my family for the past few months. I’ve seen life-changing results in terms of my own panic and anxiety, but the most amazing thing we’ve seen is how she helped my 8 month-old daughter. She’d been having severe digestive issues, couldn’t tolerate solid foods, still nursed every three hours around the clock, so not much sleep for me, and she always needed to be held. After a few sessions we saw amazing results: she began to eat solids and slept more at night, but most importantly she found her smile! How do you thank someone for giving your child her smile? We’re eternally grateful.”

Best of all, my clients don’t need to share anything uncomfortable or personal nor tell me their life story. It is not necessary to go back into suffering.

I’d love to share this work with you.


Offer to the readers of The Herbal Healing Mama

To the first 3 women who contact me through my website –
Morning Sickness Total Relief Treatment – $25 – (Valued at $160)
While morning sickness is certainly common, it is an indication of imbalance. Hundreds of women have benefited from this technique and the effects can be immediate and profound.
Contact me for more information http://www.daphnedelouya.com
I also offer a FREE 30-minute introductory appointment to anyone who has never experienced The Emotion Code/Body Code. Give yourself the opportunity to see what this work can do and the balance and renewed health you can achieve.



Daphne Delouya

Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

“If you change nothing, nothing will change.”

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