Inspirational Mama Monday! Jessica Scott.

Welcome to our very first Inspirational Mama Monday!

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I have quite a few inspirational Mamas in my life that I would like to shine the spotlight on & share with the world just how amazing they are.

Introducing Jessica Scott.


Jessica is a powerful Mama, to sweet little Scarlett, she’s a dread-headed Beach Body Coach, rocking her own business of badassery!


Jessica is the definition of strength and beauty, all around. Her story is inspiring, her posts are raw & real. Plus, she’s just fun to look at! Her hair is so rockin’ and makes me miss my dreads daily.

Her friendship photos of her and her daughter’s bond are so sweet! Her encouragement, motivation, and positive attitude, are all just amazing!


I’m an online fitness & wellness coach! I lend others motivation until they find their fire. I ♥ Red Lipstick, Dreads, Kindness & Holistic Living. ♥

Jessica shares her workout progress, and how far she has come. She shows her followers that if you work hard at anything, you can accomplish your goals!

She showcases individual workouts that she’s currently working on, like Cize and Hammer & Chisel. She also shares what she’s eating to help her along her journey, including her signature staple; Shakology!

You can ask her all about how to join in on what she’s doing.


Jessica really shows her followers that not only is it possible to build your own business as a stay at home working Mama, but that it’s also possible to completely rock it!

She’s shared her progress of accomplishing and living her dreams. And it’s glorious!


What does it look like to run a rocking online business and run a rocking family? ⬇❤⬇ I’ll never work for anyone else again. 😁

Jessica had some gorgeous images taken by Ivette Ivens in a series of breastfeeding goddesses.


The images sparked a ton of online hype. They were also featured in many articles & one image made the front cover of the photographer’s “Breastfeeding Goddesses” book.


Never judge a book by its cover. Unless it’s #BreastfeedingGoddesses  Order here:


Find & Follow Jessica’s Journey around the web:

Jessica Scott’s Personal Facebook | Jessica Scott’s Badassery Facebook | Jessica Scott in Motion | Jessica Scott Youtube | Beach Body Coach Profile

If you have an inspirational mama you’d like to point my attention to, feel free to send me a nomination for a chance to have a spotlight feature of her here! ❤


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