Solid Shave – Review & Giveaway!! {CLOSED}

Solid Shave is a natural fine shaving product in a concentrated solid form. Solid Shave’s microglaze formula prevents damage from razor blades, and helps your skin stay nourished and moisturized during and after your shave.

Solid Shave - GIVEAWAY

What makes Solid Shave so amazing? They are loaded with concentrated beneficial, plant-based ingredients!

  • Organic Aloe Vera – One of Nature’s best soothing ingredients, it reduces irritation.
  • Green Tea Extract – an anti-oxidant, reduces irritation and inflammation
  • Sodium Cocoate – derived from Coconut oil, it helps our microglaze adhere to your skin
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – naturally derived from Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant
  • Organic Kukui Nut Oil – in Men’s Solid Shave, for protection and conditioning
  • Organic Argan Oil – in Women’s Solid Shave, for superior conditioning

Why does Solid Shave smell so good? It’s a light citrus note, with herbal, woodsy and floral tones – all naturally derived, from the following: Clary sage, Cedar wood oil, Coriander oil, Clove oil, Chamomile flower oil, Violet flower oil, Jasmine flower extract, and Lemon oil.

Solid Shave - GIVEAWAY

Both The Herbal Healing Mama & Papa tried out Solid Shave & Here’s what we think:



This was an amazing shave! The first thing I thought was how easy it was to apply! It just glides right on smoothly. There’s no messy foam sliding around, and no fumbling with big bulky containers. It stays put and it’s clear, so you can see exactly what you’re shaving! I loved it! I don’t think I’ll shave another way again. I love how it made my skin feel refreshed and left it super soft. Thank you Solid Shave!


As someone who suffers from a severe allergy to nickel shaving has never been an enjoyable endeavour for me. The outcome usually leaves my skin looking like Freddy Krueger if he were attacked by a dull razor, so I spend most of my time looking like an extra on Mountain Men. I’m pleased to say that Solid Shave made the ordeal less of a nightmare, my skin felt wonderful, and the end results made me feel like I didn’t belong on the set of a horror movie. Thank you Solid Shave!!!

(Giggling. If you find Dean as awesome as I do, check him on out Facebook or WordPress.)

To Use:


  1. Cleanse your skin with warm water & leave wet.
  2. Wet Solid Shave & apply generously to wet skin.

Solid Shave goes on clear and stays clear to see the sensitive curves you’re shaving!

You won’t believe how good your skin feels.

Learn how Solid Shave’s microglaze technology can help prevent irritated skin.

Solid Shave - GIVEAWAY

Solid Shave has generously offered 20 STICKS OF SOLID SHAVE to our readers!! Isn’t that amazing?!

We’ve decided to do a 19 whopping sticks from our giveaway widget with Rafflecopter and then do one for our friends over on Instagram as well. 🙂

For your chance to win one of these amazing Solid Shave sticks, please enter below. Please be sure to also visit us on Instagram.


Giveaway ends April 1st 2016

We know it can’t be mandatory for you to “like” us on Facebook but we would really appreciate it so much. ❤


Winners announced below! 🙂

Solid Shave - GIVEAWAY


We thank everyone that entered & shared! We didn’t get any shares over on Instagram so I’ve drawn all 20 winners from the Rafflecopter widget! I’ll list first names & last initial & have sent emails the winners, so please check your inbox so you can send us your mailing address. & Solid Shave can get your prizes sent out!


  1. Stephanie G.
  2. Chris S.
  3. Terry B.
  4. Brianna R.
  5. Kathy H.
  6. Tiesha S.
  7. Amy L.
  8. Julia B.
  9. Emily B.
  10. Alison G.
  11. Ann F.
  12. Lisa
  13. Carolyn D.
  14. Shari D.
  15. Samantha S.
  16. LaTanya T.
  17. Katherine R.
  18. Rachel
  19. Melanie H.
  20. Tammy D.


Solid Shave - GIVEAWAY


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