The Chewelery Box – Baby Safe Teethers

You probably saw my post AGES ago, saying that we won an amazing teething necklace from The Chewelery Box. I promised that I would write about it.. I’m about 6 months late BUT this is still very much relevant as our son still LOVES this necklace!

The Chewelery Box

Isn’t it beautiful? All of her items are!

Stephanie creates handmade, one of a kind nursing and teething accessories that are fashionable for moms and safe for babies.

I’ve had these photos, sitting, waiting to be posted for so long. Draevyn Dean is about 9 months old in these photos.

The Chewelery Box Teething Necklace

Our little guy LOVES this thing. He brings it around with him. Still to this day at 14 months old. ❤ I know these are designed for Mama to wear and baby to chew but he just wants it all to himself and has learned to unclip it so he can get it off my neck. ^_^

The Chewelery Box Teething Necklace

Of course, always use supervision while your child has any kind of teething necklace. 

The best part about The Chewelery Box’s teethers are that they are made of food grade silicone and are BPA, Lead, PVC, Mercury and Phalates free and are FDA Approved! Amazing!

They are heat and mold resistant and are easy to clean using a mild soap and water and then laying flat to dry.

The Chewelery Box Teething Necklace

The Chewelery Box doesn’t just carry these gorgeous necklaces, there are plenty of beautiful options to help your littles during their teething woes. Stephanie also carries bracelets, amber, clips, & more. Lots have super fun shapes attached to them, too.

The Chewelery Box Teething Necklace

These are genuinely fun for babies and toddlers. They’re brightly coloured and a nice, soft texture that are gentle on sore gums. I’m so happy this necklace came into our lives. Thank you Stephanie! ❤

The Chewelery Box Teething Necklace

I’ll be sure to get a new photo as well, not only to show how far behind I am here, but to show that these necklaces are useful for quite a long time!

Be sure to check out The Chewelery Box on Facebook. Stephanie is always creating gorgeous pieces & hosting fabulous giveaways! ❤


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