What do I put in the Nuby Nibbler?

I talked about the Nuby Nibblers in our Breastmilksicle post. They have been helpful for teething relief and also for when your little is transitioning to more consistency in the solid food they’re eating.

Nuby The Nibbler

BPA free Nuby Nibbler lets baby get small bits of food through the mesh netting to prevent choking when learning to chew new foods.

You can add in fresh, cooked or frozen bits of food. Anything soft enough for baby to be able to suck and chew parts off through the netting. Just be sure to be giving age appropriate foods for your baby or toddler.

Here are some ideas of what you can put in the Nuby Nibbler:


Frozen sliced bananas – slice a frozen banana and keep it in a freezer safe container.

Frozen baby food dots 

Nuby Nibbler Snacks

I had originally made little frozen dots of food to let Draevyn Dean hand feed himself BUT these melt way too quickly. ^_^ We ended up using freeze-dried yogurt bites (US) for this instead.

It’s easy to freeze little bits into containers or trays that fit perfectly in the nibbler. We have prunes here as well for when baby gets backed up. (These got freezer burnt fast. It’s recommended to get proper freezer trays (US) or bags (US) to do this safely)

Nuby Nibbler Snacks

Nuby Nibbler

If you don’t have any molds to freeze your baby food in, you can also lay a layer of food flat in a sealed bag, freeze then snap into small pieces to fit into the Nuby Nibbler

Chamomile – freeze small portions of chamomile tea.

Breastmilk – Freeze breast milk in freezer safe bags or small trays or containers and make breastmilksicles.

Melon, Pears, Apple,

Try steaming or cooking: Butternut Squash,  Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, 

Nuby Nibbler Snacks

Here’s Draevyn Dean MANY months ago using his Nuby Nibbler

What do you put in your Nuby Nibbler?

Purchase Nuby The Nibbler Online!

Canadian Link | USA Link

Note: Always be sure to clean the nibbler right away, otherwise the mesh netting will stain. They do sell replacement netting (US) if you need though. I find it’s easiest to clean by taking the nibbler apart and turning the netting inside out. Rinse well with hot water, wash with soft soap or they are even dishwasher safe.

These are a great go-to for baby shower gifts as well. We got ours from my cousin at our baby shower. ❤

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