Looking for Natural Contributors & Collaborators.

Mamas or Papas that own a natural shop or make natural products!* I’m looking for features and collaborations for the blog.

We’re big on natural DIY’S 🙂 I’m looking to feature small businesses’ guests recipes & products. (Ideas that fit: recipes or remedies, bath & body, home improvement, natural cleaning, positive parenting, gardening, healthy eating, children or babies, natural clothing, any natural diy’s, frugal, crafting, etc.)

If you’re interested in joining the Facebook group: The Herbal Healing Mama’s Guest Writers, Contributors & Collaborations I’d love to have you. I hope to use it to work together for future ideas.

P.S. I love photos of pretty items

The blog gets anywhere from 20,000-200,000 views a month so because of the viewership it has the potential to expose your shop to a new audience.

If this is you or you are interested in more details, please drop me a line & I’ll tell you more.

Looking for Natural Contributors & Collaborators.

Thanks all!


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