Natural-ly 4 u – Shop Spotlight.

It was to my pleasant surprise one of my son’s BFF’s mom had started making natural products! I love to hear that the natural movement just keeps on growing, especially when it’s local! I was delighted that she gave me a little bag of goodies to try! I knew I had to share all about it here with you! + Keep your eyes out for  a GIVEAWAY coming soon!

Stephanie’s new line is called Natural-ly 4 U & it is lovely! She has a wide assortment of natural products to choose from. Take a peek around her Facebook page. There are so many beautiful things to see!

Here are a few of the things she gave me to try: I’m so excited to try them out! They all smell sooo good, too!

Peppermint Coconut Bath Milk

Coconut Coffee Scrub – Anti Cellulite

Anti-Aging & Repair Face Exfoliant

& Look at this coffee eye cream! It’s so soft and creamy.

Here are some of the soaps she gave me to try;


Honey Charcoal | Scented with Grapefruit Essential Oils

African Black Soap | Scented with Frankencense

Fruit Slice, Coconut Cream, Mango Papaya, Strawberry, Vanilla, in other words; YUM! & Isn’t it colourful?! 

Honey Charcoal

And here are some of the products she’s shared to her page:

Lemon lavender salt bombs

Geode Soaps

fidget spinner soaps! How cool are these?!

She also makes natural teeth whitener, natural toothpaste, bath oils, bath melts & so much more! Be sure to stop by her Facebook page & say hey!


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