Transforming into Community blog. 

I apologize for being MIA lately. For a long while now I’ve been attempting to find ‘guest’ writers to contribute to the blog. (For those that have sent me entries, thank you! I’m going through everything in an attempt to catch up today)

I didn’t want to shut the blog down completely because there’s still a ton of awesome contributions and fun, natural DIY’s.. I just haven’t been able to keep up, nor do I make things very often at all anymore.. toddler mom life is busy. (But I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

My idea is to completely transform the idea of the blog. To be all natural mamas. Not the herbal healing mama, but MAMAS. To become a community of moms (& dads) sharing their natural family / home ideas.

I’ve been wanting to launch this for a while but have sat thinking on where to start instead. So I plan to get back to work and see what we can do to make this happen.

I do have a Facebook group started on Facebook. You can find it here. I plan to also rename this as well as the Facebook page. I’d rename the blog but I’ve already paid for the domain for the year, plus I think it can still work.

So mamas, and papas, feel free to message me any article ideas and contributions you may have. I’m so behind on email but the group and page may be a good way to contact for now. Hoping once we get things rocking, I can add writers here & admins on the group. Let’s help & support each other!

Thanks friends! Talk soon! ❤️



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