Outdoor Family Fun: Improving Your Health By Embracing The Spring And Summer Months

Both parents and kids tend to get antsy during the winter months, so everybody is ready to celebrate when the spring and summer seasons arrive. The warmer seasons provide the perfect opportunity to improve both your physical and mental shape and there are plenty of fun ways to work on this as a family. Everybody benefits from improving their nutrition, upping their activity levels, and getting some fresh air, and there is no shortage of ways to keep things interesting.

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Kids benefit greatly from outdoor time during the spring and summer

Prevention notes that spending time outside has numerous health benefits for children. Staying indoors can become a comfortable habit, especially if kids get hooked on electronics. Getting plenty of fresh air outdoors, however, helps to reduce stress levels and signs of attention deficit hyperactive disorder and it can pave the way to better success at school.

Parent.co details that in addition to reducing stress levels, outdoor time can benefit kids’ physical health in numerous ways. Of course, becoming more physically fit from outdoor activities is a big benefit. However, children may also end up with better vision, a stronger immune system, and improved coordination and sensory skills than those who stay indoors most of the time.

Make outdoor family time a priority for everybody’s health.

It is easy to say that embracing the spring and summer weather is good for your kids, but that doesn’t mean that it is always easy to get them outside. Of course, embracing the nice weather is good for both parents and kids, as everybody’s physical and mental health benefits. Kids who are resistant to getting outdoors on their own will benefit greatly from having parents who join them and model making their health a priority.

Aha! Parenting suggests that spending time as a family outdoors can build a stronger connection between parents and their kids. It can also improve everybody’s mental health by helping them to be calmer and happier, and everyone’s physical health by reducing obesity and diabetes. Oftentimes, as families spend more time outside getting exercise and improving their mental health, they are also then driven to improve their nutrition as well.

Get creative about outdoor activities.

For some families, getting the kids outside during the nicer months is as easy as opening the door and letting them play in the neighborhood. For others, however, they need an extra nudge and this is where parents can join in and get creative to get everybody engaged. Go for a family walk or bike ride or embrace a rainy day to splash in the puddles and let everybody get soaked. Head outdoors during the evening hours to catch fireflies or work as a family to pack a nutritious picnic and hit a nearby park or nature center or go exploring on a day trip.

Family-friendly outdoor games can be a great way to bond and get some fresh air as well. Real Simple suggests games like touch football, croquet, or bocce, and kids can have a blast playing games like kickball, Kick the Can, or hide-and-seek with their parents too. Planting a garden together can be a great way to keep everybody active and add some improved nutrition to the household, and made up treasure hunts or photo safaris can be a blast for everybody too.

The spring and summer seasons provide the perfect setting for improving the physical and mental state of everybody in the family. Kids and parents alike will experience reduced stress levels, improved focus, and better physical fitness by getting outdoors and being active, and there are plenty of ways to mix things up and get everybody engaged. Keep things simple with childhood games or walks around the neighborhood or spice things up with creative day trips, treasure hunts or gardening plans. Whatever approach you take will pave the way to improved health for everybody and help you make the most of those warm seasons.

This article has been contributed by Travis White at Learn Fit


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