The Herbal Healing Mama’s BEST of 2017

Top 10 posts from The Herbal Healing Mama in 2017. These aren’t just posts FROM 2017, but posts from the time the blog started in 2014 to now, in order of the top 10 most read posts during 2017. Thank you all so much for reading, visiting and supporting the blog! You are so appreciated!

  1. Katrina’s no bake Lactation Cookies | Viewed 50,322
  2. Recipe for Natural Bubble Frosting. (for bath bomb cupcakes) | Viewed 16,394
  3. DIY – Book Of Shadows | Viewed 12,224
  4. Tattoo Balm – DIY All Natural Healing. | Viewed 11,269
  5. Natural Hair Serum – For Strength, Length and Body. | Viewed 7,945
  6. Breast Milk Body Butter & Breast Milk Lotion- DIY 2 Recipes | Viewed 7,757
  7. Make Your Own ~ Coffee “Tired Eyes” Cream. | Viewed 6,380
  8. Natural Soap Bath Bars – DIY | Viewed 5,169
  9. ‘Breastmilksicles’ for teething relief. | Viewed 4,352
  10. Mountain Man ~ Herbal Bath Blend -DIY | Viewed 3,843

Overall, the blog was viewed 182,331 times!! Although this is half of what we had in 2016, that’s still great and I need to work harder to keep active over here on the blog. Thank you all so much for your support over the years!


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