7 Ways to Edify Your Child

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If you’ve been a parent for very long, or had a parent, or been around parents, then you know that one of the most crucial jobs is edifying your child. Many of the effects of daily life follow people from childhood through adolescents, and into adulthood. There are numerous psychological studies, books, and all sorts of information to help us parent the best we can. So I have compiled a list for us. Something simple to start applying every day with our children.

7 Ways to Edify Your Child

1.Play the I love you this much game.

My boys are amazing, they are 4 and 2.5. Recently they have started this game. My 4 year old will say, “I love you as big as dad!” or “as big as the trees.” Then we spend a few minutes naming the next biggest thing and how much we love each other.

2. Tell him everyday that he is purposed.

If you didn’t grow up knowing exactly what you wanted to be and believing that you could accomplish it, then you know why this is so important to teach our children. There is not a soul on this earth that is without purpose. Unfortunately, many many souls have no clue that they have a purpose, much less know what it is. Your babies may be small like mine and not even understand what purpose is, but start instilling that in them now. “You are purposed!”

3. Call out a strength.

Our children need to know how awesome they are. They will be grow up in a world that missing a lot of good and therefore will want to take the good from them. It’s our job to call out their strengths now, so that they are confident and believe in themselves, before the world starts calling out their weaknesses.

4. I am statements.

I AM statements are {{POWERFUL}}. I heard an amazing speaker and teacher say once that you believe more of what you hear yourself say than what you hear anyone else say. (Joyce Meyer) It’s true. Start teaching your children I Am statements, and speak a couple over yourself too!

Here’s what my boys say: I am a child of God. I am loved. I am purposed. I am a good boy.

5. Genuinely ask about his day.

This is so important. As our children get older they will start going through even more drama and mess on a daily basis. I get the honor of serving with our student ministry (7th – 12th grades), this means that I also get to hear from concerned parents. So many of them are worried about their kids, but they haven’t developed a solid foundation of real, transparent, communication. Now it’s more difficult to start because they are older. So start right now, ask your child about his day, and genuinely listen and respond. Ask more questions and love on them during this time.

if I haven’t asked after a little while of picking up my boys, my younger son who is 2.5 will tell me that he had a good day. This is my cue to say, “Oh you did? Well tell me about it!” He wants to have that time and that connection.

6. Have time without distractions.

Speaking of having time and connections, try to set aside a specific time to be with your cild without distractions. For my family this will be playing with hot wheels in the floor or coloring. They just need our presence.

7. End the night with love, no matter what.

I shared about this on my blog. It is so important to end the day with love, no matter what has happened. A solid family is one that can love and support each other even through the bad times. So many children grow up in an unstable home and by the time they are teenager they can’t trust their parents with difficult things. I strongly believe that if we start now, and no matter what the day has looked like, we make sure that our children know that we aren’t angry and that we love them and are here to help and support them, then it will have a significant impact on the rest of their lives.

I hope that you have found encouragement, knowing that you’re not the only family who faces challenges, and you’re not the only parent with uncertainties and questions. I am by no means a professional or a perfect parent, but I strive for improvement everyday. We will mess up, but if we show and teach our children love and grace, then they will not only be able to receive it, but give it back also. Have a wonderful day! Enjoy parenting! It’s one of the most amazing jobs you will ever have!

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