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A community of Mamas (& Papas) blogging Natural Alternatives, Organic, Green living, & Herbal Healing for Family Wellness, Motherhood, Positive Parenting and More.

Our mission is to help find all natural / herbal healing remedies for our family & yours.

If you’re interested in becoming a writer here or contributing your recipes or remedies or even telling us about your all natural shop, please let us know! You can take a look at our Opportunities page.


Briar-Rose started the Herbal Healing Mama blog in 2014, a Canadian Mama of two,

I enjoy making all natural, healing remedies & recipes for our better health & wellness. I want to achieve the same or better results for day to day products using God given gifts that nature holds rather than mass produced, chemically treated items found at the store. Things that we can grow and use on our own, at home & know for certain what it is we’re ingesting, or putting on our body.


The reason I started researching and making herbal healing products is:

Realizing how many products contain harmful chemicals, and learning the negative effects they can have on our bodies. I have been guilty in the past of believing companies when they say their product ingredients are “all natural”,  to come to find just how many unnecessary chemicals are really included in their products ingredients fine print list.

My son & I often had reactions to so many store bought products, resulting in rashes, hives, scarring or worse. It taught me to always read the ingredients list on everything!



My life consists of my wonderful, creative and multitalented 10 year old son Neveyden, My glorious rock of a husband Geofferson “Dean”, who is a multitalented & creative writer & artist. & our newest member Draevyn Dean.  My family is my light and inspiration.


I hope to share my inspirations, ideas, trial & error, motherhood, journey through life.

Blogging from Ontario Canada, I am a nature lover & it’s so important to me to live near the water. Water is life.

I want to help heal the world, spread positive messages, love & encouragement.

I honestly use Coconut Oil for everything! You can read my top 20 favorite uses here. 😉



I am not a medical practitioner in any way shape or form, I just have a strong love for natural lifestyle. My advice should never be used in replacement of your professional medical practitioner. Certain things work well for me and my family, but that’s not to say they will work for everyone.

In case there is anything else you would like to know, any feedback, advice or questions can be sent through the contact form below. Thanks Friends. ❤


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