About Me

Welcome! My name is Briar-Rose. I am the author of the blog “The Herbal Healing Mama” and I am happy to share useful tips with you.

You can find information about what natural alternatives exist for the familiar products that you consume daily. There are also beauty secrets and healthy recipes based on ingredients of natural origin.

I experiment every day to make discoveries in the field of healthy and natural products and share them with each of you.

The idea of creating a blog came to me when I realized how useful natural products are. They bring too many benefits for beauty and health. I decided to tell all my readers about it. I have been studying the beneficial properties of essential oils and various herbs for many years. I made many amazing discoveries for myself during this time and created the so-called “author’s apothecary kitchen”. There are many recipes for tinctures, oils, infusions, and other herb-based products in my collection. I strive to completely replace harmful products with natural and healthy alternatives. I will tell you about every step I take towards achieving my goal. I am sure that my hobby will be interesting to many parents who care about the health and happiness of their families.

I was interested in what harm chemical products produced by many modern manufacturers brought to the human body. Products with the assurance that they are completely made from natural ingredients were tested first. I was horrified when I realized the scale of the problem because it turned out that these products include a lot of chemicals in the composition. This was what prompted me to study the properties of natural components of plant origin. I started working on how to create useful home-made products from them that can replace chemical products of daily consumption.

Very often, my child and I had an allergic reaction to products purchased in supermarkets. So I began to study the ingredients listed on the packaging of each product. I started looking for a natural alternative to them over time.

You can find a lot of useful recipes, as well as learn about the conclusions that I came to in the course of my research in this blog. If you have useful experience in the field of herbal products, be sure to share it in the comments. I would also appreciate your feedback on my tips and recipes.

My life is completely dedicated to making my family happy. It consists of my creative and talented son named Neveyden (10 years old), my husband Geofferson “Dean”, who is fond of rock, painting, and literature, and baby Draevyn Dean, who recently became part of our family.

I want to inspire every reader with my ideas, experiments, and even mistakes that helped me find the right path in life.

My family and I live in Ontario, Canada. We love nature and water very much considering them the main sources of life and health. That is why I need to live in harmony with these elements.

My goal is to share goodness, as well as to spread the ideas of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of consuming natural products.

I have no medical education or any experience in the field of medicinal healing. My passion for natural ingredients and love for plant products drives me. It is important to note that my advice cannot be a complete substitute for the recommendations of an experienced doctor. My experience shows that many recipes help to cope with diseases. But you should consult a specialist and take into account the characteristics of your body to make sure that they will also help you.

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