Opportunities & Collaborations

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Shop Spotlights

Do you own (or know someone who does) a shop where you create and sell all natural / chemical free products? I’d love for you to send me your links so I can check out your items & possibly choose you for one of my upcoming Shop Spotlights.

I am also interested in ‘testing’ and reviewing your products for part of the spotlight. If you’re willing to send out a sample – (or 2) we could even do a collaboration giveaway. (update: I prefer the company sends the giveaway item(s) to the winner.)

The review is simply so I can let the readers know that I have tried the products and absolutely support the products 100%.

Items can most definitely be sample sizes.

 If You Are Chosen:

I would write a post about your shop, what products you make, with photos and links to where they can be purchased, links to your website, a little about you, and a few interview questions. – I am aiming at 1 shop spotlight each month.

Please send links, inquiries or questions to theherbalhealingmama@outlook.com or in the comments section here, or through the Contact section of the blog. Thank You ❤

I will send an email reply to let you know I have received your request. If I choose to spotlight your shop, I will send you an email to fill out some info about your shop. You can then reply with your information, photos, etc.


Product Reviews & Giveaways

My honest review of your product (MUST be in our niche ie. Natural, motherhood, green, eco-friendly etc.) in the form of a blog post with photos, and links to your product, pages, social media. I love to also offer readers the chance to win a product to try as well. I prefer to have your company ship from your end. Discount codes are also awesome!

Guest Recipes / Remedies

Do you have a herbal healing / all natural remedy you’d like to share with the world? I’d love to share your recipes here.

If you’re interested, please send me some info. If you have good quality photos of the product, that would be an added bonus if sent along. If not, that’s okay too. I can make one up. Photos that are sent would have a title put on them for the post.

Full credits (Name) and links (if you have a website) will be given if selected. I like to test the recipes first so I can be certain I would recommend the product.

Please send inquiries to theherbalhealingmama@outlook.com or through the Contact section of the blog. If you are ready to submit your recipe to go through the approval process, please fill out the form below. You can attach images to a separate email. (Please title the email “GUEST RECIPE REQUEST” & please provide the title of the recipe in your email so I can connect the two. If you don’t have photos to include, please state that in your recipe section below. Thank You ❤

Check out our post:

Would you like to write for The Herbal Healing Mama


Thanks so much for your interest! ❤



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