Natural Lavender Bath Bars - DIY

Natural Lavender Bath Bars – DIY

Originally I needed to remake this recipe for our 'Natural Soap Bath Bars - DIY' because a few people had pointed out the recipe was not working, which means I made an error while typing it out. I apologize profusely. Of course I can't locate a hard copy. (I'll keep looking) So in the meantime, I decided I … Continue reading Natural Lavender Bath Bars – DIY


Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Bath Bomb – Atomic Balm

This recipe for Oatmeal, Milk & Honey (or OMH) Bath Bombs is brought to you by the very generous Tammy of Atomic Balm! Thank you Tammy for taking the time to share your wisdom with us! Tammy is a bath bomb MASTER & she runs a fabulous group over on Facebook where she shares a … Continue reading Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Bath Bomb – Atomic Balm

Recipe for Natural Bubble Frosting. (for bath bomb cupcakes)

Rebeccah from Elements Of Eternity Hand Crafted soaps, bath bombs and candles, has generously offered to share her recipe for Pipable Bubble Frosting with us! This natural bubble frosting can be used to frost bath truffles or bath bomb cupcakes! Any bath bomb recipe will work for the cupcake bottoms. You just put the mix into a cupcake … Continue reading Recipe for Natural Bubble Frosting. (for bath bomb cupcakes)

Natural Soap Bath Bars – DIY

These are disintegratable bars that you crumble under running bath water to soak up all of their nourishing benefits. Similar to bath bombs, but without the bomb. Now, I'm not going to lie, these were originally supposed to be natural bubble bars. I was determined that we could make a solid bubble bath bar without the … Continue reading Natural Soap Bath Bars – DIY

Healing Bath Scrubbies. DIY All Natural

Healing Bath Scrubbies. DIY All Natural

These are wonderful for any rashes, irritation or dry skin issues. I've used this blend for quite some time, in the Calendula Oatmeal bath blend, and the Bedtime baby blend. I love Calendula! It's my go-to staple for all things healing. It's gentle enough for baby & powerful enough for any skin issues. I remember watching … Continue reading Healing Bath Scrubbies. DIY All Natural

Luxurious 'Lavender Vanilla' Herbal Bath Bombs - DIY All Natural

Luxurious ‘Lavender Vanilla’ Herbal Bath Bombs – DIY All Natural

This was our very first time making bath bombs! We are thrilled with how they turned out! We included some of our favourite oils & salts for their skin nourishing benefits. We'll definitely be trying out different ingredients in the near future. These are perfect sleepy time bombs. Lavender helps to calm and relax us. … Continue reading Luxurious ‘Lavender Vanilla’ Herbal Bath Bombs – DIY All Natural

DIY – Wild Orange Creamsicle – Anxiety Relief – Bath Blend

This blend is the best kind of aromatherapy to me. It smells so warm and delicious. Not only that but the Wild Orange Oil is actually very beneficial for things like anxiety, relieving tension and nervousness, aiding with insomnia and sleep problems as well as helping to uplift your mood. I Used: Epsom Salts Orange … Continue reading DIY – Wild Orange Creamsicle – Anxiety Relief – Bath Blend

DIY – Layered Bath Salts *Natural Colourant*

What You'll Need:  Epsom Salts (or whichever bathing salts you prefer) Natural Colourant from India Tree Essential Oils of Choice (I used peppermint and Tea Tree for these ones.) You can find a huge list of amazing essential oils at Mountain Rose Herbs or Starwest Botanicals. (More purchasing options at the bottom of this post) Storage … Continue reading DIY – Layered Bath Salts *Natural Colourant*

Oatmeal Bath Melts ~ DIY

Oatmeal Bath Melts ~ DIY

The healing properties of oatmeal, combined with coconut oil and calendula are amazing for our skin. We've included baking soda as well which helps to soften and alkalize the water which is also great for our skin. You can play around with the blend but this particular recipe is great for softening skin and healing any … Continue reading Oatmeal Bath Melts ~ DIY

Sleepytime Bath Blend

This is a super quick and easy detox bath blend for help sleeping, calming, releasing stress, rest & relaxation. Lavender is an amazing and light therapeutic scent, helping to release the stresses of the day and calm us before bedtime. The scent of lavender has shown to have positive effects on mood within certain adult … Continue reading Sleepytime Bath Blend