Creating a Windowsill Herb Garden

This Tutorial First Appeared on the Big Tiny Steps Blog. Mandi has kindly shared it here with us today.  Ever since my family started the journey towards living a greener, more natural life we have been in love with the idea of growing our own food. Along with my desire to have less processed food … Continue reading Creating a Windowsill Herb Garden


e-cloth – a great product for chemical free cleaning. (& GIVEAWAY!)

 I'm so excited to tell you all about this amazing product! Here's my beautiful Raspberry General Purpose Cloth from e-cloth! To use this cloth, all you need is water! This chemical free way to clean is revolutionary. This cloth kills 99% of bacteria trapping it in its fine microfiber. Just rinse with HOT water until wash day. Save … Continue reading e-cloth – a great product for chemical free cleaning. (& GIVEAWAY!)

DIY – Toilet Cleaning Fizzy Bombs

These toilet fizzies add a fun spin on having to clean the toilet. 😉 They have antibacterial oils in them to help disinfect, while the 'bath bomb' ingredients fizz around the bowl helping to combat grime. WHAT YOU'LL NEED: 1/4 cup Citric Acid (you can add more to get more fizzing action) 1/2 cup Baking Soda … Continue reading DIY – Toilet Cleaning Fizzy Bombs

A Natural Cleaning Spray from Citrus Ingredients.

A natural cleaning spray from citrus ingredients *Guest Post* This article is contributed to The Herbal Healing Mama from Kathleen Crane who works for TenancyCleaning - Thank You Kathleen! Nowadays there is a diverse array of cleaning products that are suitable for cleaning your home, however, some people still prefer to use a home-made cleaning kit when they partake … Continue reading A Natural Cleaning Spray from Citrus Ingredients.

Cheap & Easy – DIY “Poop Spray” – All Natural.

  That's right! I call it Poop Spray! This quick and simple recipe for deodorizing bathroom spray is very effective & much safer than spraying around all those chemicals! 🙂 What You'll Need: Spray Bottle (I used a 120 ml) Distilled Water - Warmed Baking Soda (½ a tsp) (this is optional but helps to … Continue reading Cheap & Easy – DIY “Poop Spray” – All Natural.

DIY – All Natural – Dryer Sheets

I'll never buy dryer sheets again! This is such a better alternative! Chemical free dryer sheets for pennies! As some of you already know, many dryer sheets contain cancer causing chemicals. This just isn't good enough for my family + my son breaks out from the chemicals in laundry soap and dryer sheets. I wanted … Continue reading DIY – All Natural – Dryer Sheets

Citrus Peel Vinegar Spray Cleaner – DIY all natural

Citrus cleaners are so effective and versatile for cleaning so many different surfaces. I chose to use orange peels for this recipe. (But I also have made this with Lemon and it's awesome!) This would equal out to be the equivalent of your standard orange cleaner, for a fraction of the cost. + no nasty … Continue reading Citrus Peel Vinegar Spray Cleaner – DIY all natural

Natural Spray Cleaner – DIY

Vinegar is the perfect all natural - all in one - disinfectant cleaner. It's perfect for so many surfaces and dries streak free so there is no need for a ton of different cleaners. There are no harsh chemicals to worry about for you or your family. PLUS - it's much less expensive than your … Continue reading Natural Spray Cleaner – DIY

Quick & Easy DIY Scented Tealight Candles.

I've always had a love for making my own candles. I used to make herbal candles for my friends all the time. I do still make big candles from scratch but when I'm in a rush or want a few quick scented candles around the house, - this is the fastest & easiest way to … Continue reading Quick & Easy DIY Scented Tealight Candles.

DIY room deodorizing spray

Quick & Effective DIY Room Deodorizing Spray!

This is by far my favorite way to quickly deodorize a room! Free of chemical components like what you would purchase at the store, plus - It's SO much cheaper! Green Febreze if you will, and you can decide on any scent you'd like by which essential oils you choose to use! WHAT YOU'LL NEED: … Continue reading Quick & Effective DIY Room Deodorizing Spray!