Christmas Corn Puffs

Alright…These are way too easy and addicting!  I ate half the batch all by myself, while taking photos.  If you plan on making Christmas Corn Puffs, you should make a double batch.  You and your family while devour them fast!   You could also make my “Caramel Corn Puffs”, that are made with less fat and sugar!

Made with easy ingredients.  You’ll need an (8 oz.) bag of hulless corn puffs (also called corn pops, puff corn or puffed corn), found in the chip aisle of the grocery store.  One (12 oz) bag of white chocolate chips. Lastly, green and red colored sugar sprinkles.  To make christmas corn puffs, you need to melt the bag white chocolate chips and mix onto the corn puffs.  Divide corn puffs and sprinkle one half with green colore sugar and the other half with red colored sugar.  Allow the mixture to dry and dig in!

Christmas Corn Puffs

Christmas corn puffs would make a great gift for neighbors and teachers.  Use those cute christmas treat bags and tie with a nice ribbon.  You could also use sandwich fold over baggies and tie with ribbons, for your child’s christmas party.  I’m warning you… You’ll have to make more than one batch, if you plan on giving as gifts.  They have a sweet, salty and airy crunch that keeps you grabbing more to eat.  I think Santa might want to snack on them when he visits your house!  Just a fun and festive treat to share with everyone.

Christmas Corn Puffs

  • one (8oz.) bag of corn puffs (corn pops or puffed corn)
  • one (12 oz.) bag of white chocolate chips
  • red colored sugar
  • green colored sugar

STEP ONE: Use a large roasting pan to pour corn puffs into, for mixing.  Melt the entire bag of white chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl.  I started the microwave to cook at 1 minute, remove and stir around.  (Be careful when touching and removing the bowl from the microwave. It will be HOT!  Use oven pads to grab bowl.)  Cook for 30 seconds, and stir.  Another 30 seconds, and stir.  Continue to cook at 15 second intervals, until fully melted.  This is to make sure the chocolate won’t scorch and burn.

STEP TWO: Once the chocolate is fully melted, pour onto the corn puffs in roaster pan.  Use a spatula to coat all the corn puffs.  Scrape the side and bottom of pan to get all the white chocolate and continue to mix.  Once all the corn puffs have been coated, you can divide in half and sprinkle one side with the red colored sugar and mix that side and sprinkle with more.  Sprinkle the other side with the green colored sugar.  Mix that side and sprinkle with more green colored sugar.

STEP THREE:  Allow the corn puffs to dry for 10 -15 minutes.  Once dry, you can mix the colors together.  Store in an air-tight bag or container, for up to 1 week.  Enjoy!

By: Vanessa

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