Christmas decor with your own hands: 30 non-standard ideas for 2021

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Preparing for the New Year is like a real holiday for those who can not imagine their life without hand-made. If you also like to make Christmas decor with your own hands, this article is from for you. We will tell you how to decorate your home, room, festive table, windows and doors in an original way for the New Year 2021. We will show you incredibly simple and creative ideas for creating a Christmas decor from improvised materials. Miracles begin now!

Christmas decor for home with your own hands: photo 2021

You can create comfort and beauty with your own hands from simple and completely budget-friendly things. Glass bottles and cans can turn into candlesticks or sparkling Christmas lanterns.
Christmas decor with your own hands: 30 non-standard ideas for 2021

In skillful hands, natural or artificial fir branches, cones and Christmas balls become delicious Christmas wreaths. A snag is transformed into a futuristic Christmas tree.
Christmas decor with your own hands: 30 non-standard ideas for 2021

We promised you non-standard and original ideas? See the photo below: New Year’s decor 2021 with your own hands.
Christmas decor with your own hands: ideas for home interior design

When choosing ideas on how to decorate a house or apartment for the New Year holidays, pay attention to such fashion trends of 2021 as eco-friendliness, texture, functionality and minimalism. Today, you don’t have to buy a whole bunch of tinsel and a mountain of festive decor. Just two or three details in the actual colors of the New Year 2021 are enough to create a stylish interior for your home. Fresh and original ideas of Christmas decor for the house, see the photo.

When thinking through the New Year’s decor of the room, do not forget about the windows, doorways, window sills and walls. Decorate your home with branches of spruce, thuja or pine, enliven the interior with sparkling garlands, add Christmas toys, cones or Christmas balls, and your home will be transformed for the New Year 2021.

A very beautiful holiday decor for windows is made of paper. By the way, how to make unusual Christmas garlands with your own hands, we have already told you here.
How to decorate a New Year’s table: original ways 2021

In order to decorate the New Year’s table, designers in 2021 use Christmas balls, candles, garlands, as well as spruce and pine cones, green branches, cute figurines and beautiful modern dishes.

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