Briar-Rose Schaus personally writes the blog The Herbal Healing Mama.

The creator of the blog aims to share with readers the results of her experiments and projects that will help to improve health and get rid of ailments. Briar-Rose has extensive experience in treating diseases with herbs and various natural products.

Please note that the information provided on the site is of a recommendation nature. Before using any advice, you should take into account the characteristics of your body and consult a specialist for advice.

You will find information about the treatment performed using natural remedies, which helped both Briar-Rose and her loved ones.

The body of each person has some features. This is why different people react differently to the consumption of the same remedies. You should also consider the presence of allergies and sensitivity to certain products or their components.

All home-made products made from natural ingredients have a short shelf life. This is due to the lack of chemical additives in the composition. But such products are useful and definitely do not pose a threat to human health.

Pay attention to the post that is dedicated to natural preservatives intended for home-made products. You will find tips on proper storage and a basic shelf life plan for each product prepared at home.

It is recommended to consult a specialist in the use of essential oils and herbal remedies in the event of pregnancy or the development of a serious disease. You should also consider your own experience in such cases.

Every reader who decides to use the tips published on this site automatically agrees that they are suitable for him and are harmless to his health. This also removes all responsibility from the blog and its creator. All responsibility for the results of the practical application of the provided information falls on the reader, who decides to use this information.

The author of the blog, in any case, does not seek to replace the professional advice of doctors with her ideas and projects.

Monetary compensation from manufacturers of products advertised on the site helps to develop it. Please note that the site only advertises products that Briar-Rose personally uses to prepare natural products. You can find detailed information about each of them in the Affiliations section.

You should pay attention to Mountain Rose Herbs. You will find natural, certified organic ingredients and products in a wide range there. You can also find out detailed information about each product. Storage tips and precautions when using products are also provided in the product description.

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