DIY Oatmeal Coffee – Exfoliating Sugar Scrub (reduce stretch marks and cellulite)

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Coffee, Calendula, Oatmeal! This simple little scrub is nourishing for our skin!

We talked a bit about the benefits of coffee for our skin over in the post: Exfoliating Coffee Cubes – For Stretch Marks & Cellulite.  You can also check out our post: DIY Solid Exfoliating Bars.

The caffeine in coffee helps to stimulate blood circulation to the affected area so the healing process can begin. Honey is also known for helping to reduce stretch marks and cellulite by removing toxins from the affected areas. Calendula & Coconut oil are amazing at healing nearly anything & they work as intense moisturizers as well.

Oatmeal Coffee Sugar Scrub


There’s no perfect recipe here, with most scrubs, you can play around until you find a consistency you like.

To Make

Soften coconut oil.

Put all of your ingredients in a large mixing bowl and stir until everything is combined evenly. You can start with the coffee grounds and oatmeal, then adding the wet ingredients & putting in the sugar and mixing until it’s a consistency you like.

Once everything is combined, you can either use right away or if you’re planning to gift or keep for later, scoop & store into an airtight container & keep somewhere cool and dry. (the fridge keeps this fresher, longer)

As with all natural products, especially those with water introduced, never keep long. Either make this for individual use or keep for a week or so and then discard. (Unless you use dry grounds, then it should be okay a while longer.)

Coffee Sugar Scrub

To Use

Bring a scoop into the bath or shower with you, so you’re using something dry to collect some.  Put a chunk in your palm and rub together to break apart a bit. (use on wet skin) A bit of warm water helps to massage into stretch marks and cellulite more gently. (Don’t rub too hard and irritate the skin) Rub in circular motions, moving toward the heart.

You can leave this on your skin for a few minutes before you rinse off to soak in as much of the nourishing benefits as you can. I leave mine on for about 10 minutes if I have the time.

You may want to put a drain screen in so you don’t risk clogging your drain. You could also put some in a organza baggie and use it as a scrubby.

You will have bits of oatmeal and coffee floating around with you + the oils so just be careful as it could make the tub slippery. 

These may be best to use in the morning or daytime for those of you that are sensitive to caffeine.

Oatmeal Coffee

Happy Exfoliating! ~ <3

This also make a fabulous face scrub & goes along perfectly with our Coffee Tired Eyes Cream.


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