Healing Canker Sores ~ Naturally

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My son suffers from painful canker sores quite often. I have finally convinced him to avoid certain foods that may be triggering them. We’ll start with one culprit at a time and see what happens. Ketchup is the first to go, the acidity in it is known to cause canker sores. He’s pretty upset as he loves ketchup BUT I think the pain of the canker sores is much worse than missing out on one thing. ^_^

Healing Canker Sores ~ Naturally

I remember growing up having canker sores too, and MY Mama & Nana would have me rinse my mouth with some warm salt water for relief. This definitely does help, but I’ve found a few more options along the way that not only relieve the pain but also help speed the healing. ~Naturally.

The remedy I use on my son is simple yet very effective. I start by having him rinse his mouth with a mixture of salt and baking soda in warm water. Sometimes we take a q-tip and dab the mixture on the sores directly, so his mouth doesn’t feel all dry and yucky from the salt.

  • 1tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup of water

Rinse mouth thoroughly a few times a day, or dab mixture on affected area a few times a day.

Next, I have my all natural Clove Tooth Pain Relief – This mixture is very numbing and also holds anti-bacterial healing properties. This is his most favorite because it acts as almost instant relief. I dip a q-tip in the mixture and dab it on the canker sores directly. This mixture is simple to make and only requires 2 ingredients:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Clove Bud Oil

See link for full recipe.

We top it off with a nice Chamomile tea with honey in it, as both are supposed to help heal the sores as well. He can then rest. Tear Free. <3

Here is a great list of natural canker sore relief from RapidHomeRemedies.com

What do you use to heal canker sores naturally?

I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs for all of your herbal healing needs!
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