Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps: More than just Beautiful Décor?

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Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps

Aside from being beautiful pieces of natural décor, the Himalayan salt lamp is said to have many positive impacts on your health & home!

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps: More than just Beautiful Décor?

What’s the hype and how do Himalayan Pink Salt lamps work?

Himalayan pink salt lamps are said to have the ability to improve sleep, boost blood flow, calm allergy & asthma symptoms & increase levels of serotonin in the brain.

The workings behind these claims are that they neutralize electromagnetic radiation and prevent a build-up of static electricity put out from electronic devices, by releasing negative ions into the air!

Salt is hygroscopic  so the lamps have the ability to attract contaminated water molecules from the air. Things like dander, dirt and pollen are carried in water vapour in the air, the salt locks the containments and re-releases clean water molecules.

The warming of the light in the lamp helps keep the salt dry so it can continue doing its job.

What fancy little lamps! 😉

Neutralizing Electromagnetic Radiation

Electronics such as our smart phone, computer, television, tablets, and other household appliances & devices emit electromagnetic radiation. Constant exposure can cause health issues such as an increase in stress levels, chronic fatigue, decreased immune response, hormone changes & other imbalances.

Artificial EMFs overwhelm your body’s own electrical fields, changing their frequency and distorting the balance of the body’s electromagnetic field and its communication systems. This causes physical, mental and emotional chaos. – Health Effects from EMFs

Salt lamps are said to help neutralize this smog or radiation by counteracting the positive ions these devices put out and releasing negative ions into the room.

Increase Energy Levels | Reduce Stress & Improve Mood

Because of the lamp’s ability to reduce electromagnetic radiation, which can cause fatigue & heightened stress levels, the negative ions the lamp expels can help increase energy levels & reduce stress.

Negative ions are beneficial for those suffering from seasonal depression. The lack of time spent outside in the winter months can cause this, so not only do these lamps put off a beautiful warm glow in the cold winter, they also make us happy, too!

Purifying the Air | Improve Breathing |Reduce Asthma and Allergy symptoms

Himalayan Salt lamps are said to filter microscopic mould, mildew, dust and pet dander particles from indoor air.

Salt in the air has long been seen as a health booster, and sea air has been proven to help clear the airways.

In the 19th century, Polish salt miners (working in the same mines which now produce “Himalayan” salt) were known to have fewer pulmonary health problems than the general population.

In other words, more negative ions in the air means your lungs are kept cleaner from foreign particles. So theoretically, a HPS lamp helps you filter the air you breathe in and keep your lungs clean.

11 Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Health Benefits

Here’s baby Draevyn’s salt lamp. It was a gift from dad while he was still in my belly! ^_^

 Help you Sleep Better | Benefits of the Amber Colour

Blue light from electronics, after sunset, can disrupt our body’s circadian rhythm and slow down our natural melatonin production.

A good way to cut down the negative effects this can have is to use Himalayan Salt Lamps. The amber colour helps block out the blue light & keep our melatonin levels in check.

Another way these lamps can help us sleep better is from the negative ions they produce.

The theory is that over-exposure to positive ions in the air can lead to a reduction of blood and oxygen supply to the brain resulting in irregular sleep patterns. 11 Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Health Benefits

Wellness mama has a post about Wearing Orange Sunglasses at Night that explains about blocking blue light and melatonin production.

Buy Salt Lamps Online:

Here are a few of our lamps, I’d love to have one in every room!

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Do you notice these positive effects when you use yours? 

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