How to decorate a room for Christmas with your own hands-ideas 2021, photos (the best)

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Color Palette

The main shades of Christmas decor are blue, gold, silver and red. They are perfectly combined with the emerald green of the needles. Any decorations in this color scheme will make the atmosphere festive and solemn.

On a note!
White, the color of winter, New Year and Christmas, should dominate. It is perfectly combined with absolutely all colors and shades.

Forest beauty is the decoration of every home. Install it in the main room. As decorations, instead of the usual balls on the Christmas tree, you can hang toys that children love and enjoy eating them: sweets, apples, tangerines, chocolate figures and gingerbread.

Gingerbread has always been the main decoration of the Christmas tree. Figures of angels and other symbols of Christmas are cut out of the dough, then baked and painted with colored glaze.

How to decorate a room for Christmas with your own hands-ideas 2021, photos (the best)

Before the Christmas tree was decorated with candles, today they were replaced with electric colorful garlands. The walls nearby can be decorated with Christmas stars carved from gold or silver foil.

For other rooms, bouquets or wreaths of coniferous branches decorated with cones, nuts, and bright tinsel are prepared with their own hands. This creates a festive atmosphere throughout the house. What ideas you can still learn for the scenery in 2021, look below and make notes for yourself.

How to decorate a room for Christmas with your own hands-ideas 2021, photos (the best)

Miniature Christmas trees

At Christmas, everyone tries to install and decorate a Christmas tree, but not always the conditions allow it. Sometimes the room is too small to put a large forest beauty. There is an alternative – a small Christmas tree in a pot.

You can buy it at Christmas markets. It will take up very little space, it can be decorated with miniature toys, it will not crumble and can subsequently please its owners from year to year.

Spruce branches instead of a Christmas tree

This is another way to decorate a small room instead of a large fir tree. From several spruce paws, you can make very interesting compositions. They will fill the house with a fragrant coniferous smell, create a sense of celebration and cheer up.

You can hang a beautiful large branch on the wall and decorate it with toys and tinsel, or put a few lush branches in a massive ceramic vase and decorate as you like. It all depends on the imagination of the family members.

Christmas Wreath

A wreath for Christmas is hung on the door, in the window, on the walls. This is one of the main Christmas attributes. They make a festive wreath with their own hands on the basis of a circle of wire, putting twigs of needles on top and tying them into a strong and even wreath. You can decorate it in a variety of ways, it is interesting and original in any performance.

For a long time, the Christmas wreath was considered a talisman and a symbol of the family hearth and prosperity in the house.

How else to decorate a room, you can find out by reading the ideas in the photo collection of 2021.

Flowers in the design of the Christmas interior

In addition to spruce, other natural attributes are also used to decorate the house. They are grown or bought before Christmas. The most famous flower, the poinsettia, symbolizing this holiday, is called the Christmas or Bethlehem star. It blooms by the beginning of the Christmas celebration.

In the Western traditions of celebrating Christmas, a sprig of mistletoe, considered a symbol of peace, is hung from the ceiling. Each couple who find themselves under the mistletoe must exchange kisses. This is a Scandinavian custom, but it has taken root in many Western countries.

Another plant is considered a symbol of Christmas, rebirth and eternal life – holly.

Rooms can be decorated with fresh flowers in combination with coniferous branches. Beautiful compositions are obtained from chrysanthemums and lilies, decorated with colored Christmas balls.

Since Christmas is a religious holiday, it will be appropriate to decorate the icons available in the house. They are decorated with small branches of spruce and white flowers, you can live or made of white paper.
At Christmas, flower garlands look very impressive. They can be made from fresh flowers, but the cost of such a product will be high. You can create your own hands for the decoration of the room a beautiful garland of paper.

For a living decoration, you will need moss or a special material to retain moisture. They wrap the wire, preparing the basis for the garland. In this base, the heads of flowers with short stems are stuck along the entire length. Then the moss or special material is moistened with water, and the finished garlands are hung over window or door openings, on the stair railing.

Candles in the Christmas interior

After the New Year holidays, not always and not everyone has the desire to make a new decor for Christmas. Especially since the time will pass very little. You can simply update the festive interior design before the Christmas party. Make it easy, as an option, beautifully arrange decorative candles throughout the house.

You can install them on window sills, bedside tables, and tables. A special cozy and festive mood is created by the decorations on the fireplace. Long and thin white candles can be decorated with thin light ribbons, small angels.

On a note!
Candles can be used individually, in compositions of different sizes and colors. They always create an atmosphere of celebration, the triumph of light over darkness. This is one of the best symbols of Christmas.

Decorating the windows

The decoration of the windows should be approached responsibly, because the efforts will be seen and appreciated by passers-by, if the Windows face the street. One of the most popular options is to paint the glass with special paints. You can draw a frosty pattern, snowflakes or a cheerful snowman. The same effect is easily achieved with the help of colored stickers, and it will be easier to remove them. Bright Christmas garlands look great on any windows.

How to decorate a window sill

The window sill in the room also requires decoration for Christmas, there is enough space on it to make a magical fairy-tale composition. You can put mini Christmas trees, made with your own hands, with glowing toys. Or arrange the figures of Christmas characters: reindeer, snowmen, mini-gifts, flashlights and sparkly candles surrounded by garlands and artificial snow. How to decorate a window sill: ideas for 2021 in the photo below. You can choose many options for yourself.

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