How To Heal Yourself: Introduction/The Subtle Bodies

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Healing one’s self can seem like a daunting task but in all reality, humans have been healing themselves for centuries. Many cultures in the east still use these techniques whereas the western world (USA and Canada) have abandoned ancient medicine and replaced it with the multi-billion dollar industry: Pharmaceuticals. I’ve questioned the Medical industry for years and what I found shocked and disgusted me. I used to work for doctors. Three to four times a week pharmaceutical representatives would come into our office and meet with the doctor. After asking the doctor what their reason was for coming by, he told me that they bring samples of all kinds of medications and quota sheets for him to fill out. He explained that if he meets quotas set by the Pharmaceutical companies, he receives benefits including but not limited to: TVs, vacation packages and money. The doctors that we grew up trusting are nothing more than legal drug dealers. I do believe emergency care has made great strides though but my experiences when I’ve gone to the doctor have been all the same. Pills are pushed instead of first looking at the cause of the illness. All doctors do is treat the symptoms. Health care is a business that profits from illness and disease. If you weren’t sick, they would go bankrupt. There is a lot of information on the internet that you can look up about it so I’m not going to go into too much detail about it here. I mostly want to focus on the solution and not the problem but one good website I will recommend that has a ton of information is Collective Evolution. To view their articles on that topic, click here.

In the next series of articles I am publishing through The Herbal Healing Mama; I will share hidden knowledge of the body and ancient techniques that if practiced with dedication, will bring about long-lasting health and wellness into your life. The goal is to remain healthy before disease manifests.

About Me

I have been studying the healing arts for about 16 years. On top of years of study, I have healing abilities which through the help of healing masters and mentors I have honed and began doing healing work for people all around the world. Before I did it globally, I worked on people from all over my island. I have never claimed to be the cure. I teach people more about how our bodies work, the connections to the etheric and how to heal themselves because we all have the ability to do so. Aside from healing, I also teach psychic development. I’ve been in tune with other worldly things my whole life. For more information about what I do, click here to check out my website. But enough about me. Lets get to the good stuff 🙂

The Subtle Bodies

If you truly want to be healthy, having your subtle bodies in harmony and in balance will prevent sickness and disease. If we are feeling depressed or are mentally stressed, we can manifest sickness into our lives. There is another reason disease and illness manifest and that is through soul contracts which are put in place for soul growth, healing or creating balance. I wrote an article about this which you can view here.

Usually sickness is a sign from our body that something needs to be looked at. Try not to see illness as something horrible. I used to get sick a lot. The sickness would last for months. First I would have a cough then it would turn into strep throat. After that it would move into my chest and I would have bronchitis for months. Once I started eating better and working on healing my emotional baggage and mental shadows, I began to find peace within. Once I found that, I no longer got sick. Occasionally something would happen that was a cue for me to look at something. Recently I started to have problems with one of my eyes. It became really sore, red and goopy. I thought I had the dreaded pink eye. After contemplating what the reason for this could be, I realized I had been turning the blind eye to something. Once I recognized this and did the necessary work I needed to do, it immediately went away without the help of antibiotics or eye drops.

Getting our emotional and mental bodies in harmony isn’t easy and I will never claim it to be. There is a process you have to go through to get it into harmony and that process although cleansing can be destructive but I promise you it’s worth it. Knowing about the different bodies and their functions is important. The different bodies of one’s being are structured in the following order from more dense to more subtle: the physical body, the energetic body, the emotional body then the mental body. There are other bodies but for today we will just focus on the ones I listed. There are all kinds of information on the subtle bodies. One article will say one thing and another article will say something totally different. It’s a little confusing. I’ve compiled information that resonated with me and made sense to me. If the information I present does not make sense, please don’t hesitate to look into it further on the internet or by reading books about it. Trust what you feel is right as a guide.

The Physical Body:

Your physical body is the vessel that your soul, emotions and creativity flow through. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are vibrational fields of energy that overlap and affect each other. The physical body has the ability to inform you when something is off-balance or doing great. It can be positively or negatively affected by the foods we eat, the thoughts we think and the emotional state that we reside in at any given moment. The physical body is a wonderful tool that we use to exist on Earth. I call it our intergalactic space suit.

The Emotional Body:

The emotional body is associated with the ability to feel and communicate. When the emotional body is not yet structured, the person uses emotions to communicate. Babies use emotions to communicate like when they cry to tell their parents they are hungry.

The mental body is associated with the ability to think. As the mental body is structured, the person starts analyzing and understanding things better. Have you ever noticed people who have a hard time communicating usually tend to communicate with their emotions like anger or fear? When I first came across that, it made so much sense as to why some people I knew acted the way they did. We can also identify times in our life where we used our emotions to communicate instead of our words. Words were there but they were emotion driven.

Our emotional wounds are also held in this body. If not properly dealt with these wounds can influence in every aspect of our life causing us to react in ways to situations we wouldn’t normally do and thus pulling ourselves away from our authentic self which none of us truly want.

Residing within the emotional body is love. When something is right or good we feel the joyous moment our heart is communicating to us via our positive emotion. This is the desired state of being. Our life’s purpose is the fulfillment of the heart. Honoring all that is positive, passionate, joyful and harmonious leads to this fulfillment. When we heal the layers of emotional wounds we then move ourselves to a predominate state of joy and love as opposed to experiencing it in fleeting moments.” – Dr. Stainetti

The Mental Body:

The mental body is associated with the mind. It’s connected to the ego mind and the divine mind. The ego whether used negatively or positively can be very powerful. The ego wasn’t created for the way that we use it today.

“The egoic mind is a powerful tool for creating a harmonious reality or a reality of suffering. It was not meant to be the driving force of our existence; only a tool to be used to direct and achieve our expanded awareness. When its task of setting an intention or forming a desire is finished, which could be in a few seconds, we should then turn this tool off and return to residing within the feeling body. This gives way to experiencing or residing in Divine mind (I AM PRESENCE).” – Dr. Stainetti

The Spiritual Body:

Dr. Stainetti worded it best I think when he describes the spiritual body on the website ‘The Momentum of Truth’.

“The circle in the Vitruvian Man represents the spiritual body which is the infinite doorway to many high vibrational states of expanded awareness, enlightened awakening, and our mystical self. The secret of the four bodies of existence is that when the physical, mental and emotional bodies reach a state of harmony and balance, the higher vibration of our spiritual body is activated. Thus begins the ever-increasing unfoldment of our spiritual nature that begins to open the doorway into enlightened and expanded states of consciousness.”

These states of expanded consciousness lead us to awakening and cause us to start seeking higher truths that incite us to ask the biggest question of all: why are we here.

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