Make your own ~ Herbal Bath Blend. Calming Lavender Rose

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Aromatherapy for a Natural Mama who needs a little relaxation in her life.

Therapeutic Aromatherapy for relaxation, meditation, stress relief, easing anxiety, & releasing depression. This blend also helps restore balance to mind & body and brings about love & peace.

Perfect for a stressed out Mama or one who just deserves a little peaceful pampering time.

( This blend is also great for Enhancing love & sensuality 😉 )

Make your own ~ Herbal Bath Blend. Calming Lavender Rose

What You’ll Need: 

In an airtight jar –

  • 1 cup Epsom Salts (Or – Himalayan Pink Salt, Dead Sea Salt) Depending on the size of your jar, give or take)
  • 2 tsp Organic Rose Petals
  • 2 tsp Organic Lavender Buds (Another Option Here)
  • Rose Oil – 2-5 drops
  • Lavender Oil – 2-5 drops
  • Vanilla Oil – 2-5 drops

With the oils, I find it’s best to shake the mixture in between to get them distributed evenly and to see desired strength of scent.


  • Coconut essential / scented Oil 2-5 drops
  • Vanilla Extract – 1tsp
  • ‘Tea Bag’ of sorts. I find this easier, rather than having to clean up the tub if you just pour the mix right into your bath – that is completely up to you though. <3 Maybe a drain screen would come in handy here. If you do choose to use a tea bag, this can be a little organza bag, or a piece of fabric with a tie, whatever your heart desires. I’d love to hear some creative ways you guys make these.

To Make:

  • You can either use a mixing bowl and add to your storage jar after or you can start right on your storage jar.
  • Poor in 1 cup of salts
  • Add in your desired amounts of oils, shake well to be sure they are distributed evenly.
  • crunch or tear your rose petals and add them in, along with the lavender buds. I usually use a tsb or 2 of each.
  • Shake the jar again until the mixture is consistent.

If the mixture ends up being too strong for your taste, just add in more salt. I find the scent goes a long way. I’ve dulled my blends down lots of time for individual baths. You can keep your mixture in the jar, and when you want to have a bath pour some plain salts into your bath baggie and add in some of your mixture.

To Use:

Add a few spoonfuls into your ‘tea bag’ and toss the whole bag into the tub and enjoy. (or scoop a few spoonfuls straight into the bath)


I have also found this blend useful as an aromatherapy smelling salt. I keep some in a glass vile and take a sniff anytime I need a bit of calming energy to wash over me. ^_^ <3

I actually will be selling these from my shop for a little while longer.

Here is the listing for the Aromatherapy Herb Jar Necklace

Here is the listing for the pre-made Bath Blend. 8oz and Also in 2oz size here.

What do you use to keep calm during stressful situations?

I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs for all of your herbal healing needs!
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