Every reader who follows the updates of news and recommendations in my blog will get some prospects. Read more about this below.

Overview of Shops and Products

I would like you to share with me information about stores or people who are engaged in the production and sale of products consisting of natural ingredients. I can conduct my verification of these products and then share the findings with you.

If you make your home products, you can share your experience with me or send a sample of the product for testing. It is even possible to create a joint project.

You may also be interested in an independent study of the product as its seller or the consumer. I will inform all readers about the benefits of your product.

I can create an article about a particular store and its product range. It will be supplemented with photos and links indicating sites or addresses of stores where you can buy natural or homemade products. I plan to conduct a full review of at least one store every month.

If you are ready to cooperate or have any questions or suggestions, you can send a message to the support service @ TheHerbalHealingMama.com either in the comments section here or via the blog’s contact section.

I will respond to each person who sent a message to the specified addresses. If I choose your store or product to write an article about, I will contact you to clarify the necessary information.

I will interview you if you review your store. If I decide to devote my article to just one product, I won’t need an interview.

Tips for Preparing Natural Products

Please contact me if you have a unique recipe for preparing homemade natural products. I will definitely try it out and tell all my subscribers about it.

You can share with me not only information about recipes but also supplement it with step-by-step photo instructions for preparing. If you don’t have photos, we can work together to create them. This will make the recipe more visual and interesting.

You can be sure that your name and link to your web-page will be indicated in the article. I will discuss all the details with you before publishing a post about your recipe in the blog.

Send your questions or suggestions to the support service @ TheHerbalHealingMama.com or through the blog’s contacts section.

I will be grateful to every person who writes to me!

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