Pregnancy Update – 37 weeks

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Personal Pregnancy Post

I apologize for not being around very often for the entirety of my pregnancy, It’s been a tiring one.

I have a million posts started that I am working on getting published when I’m able to sit at the comp.

I thought I would do an update to show you all my massive 36 week belly! It won’t be much longer now.

Pregnancy Update

Embrace your Mama’s Warrior Wounds! Look at those stretch marks! ^_^

I’ll share a bit of what’s gone on this time around.

It started off like any typical pregnancy, morning sickness, great exhaustion, feeling like blah etc.. I figured once we were passed those initial issues, we’d be in the clear & I’d be feeling great. I had so many plans for updating the blog with all sorts of exciting pregnancy posts. Unfortunately, that clearly wasn’t the case.

Early on the doctors realized we had a condition called Placenta previaBasically, it means the placenta is lying low or covering the cervix, which prevents the baby from being able to be birthed naturally.

It comes with all sorts of other scares as well. I was on basic ‘bed rest’, was not to carry anything I couldn’t pick up in one hand, not to overexert myself, and to keep a serious watch on any bleeding as it would indicate serious issues. Not having a car at the time was scary as we were told if there was any bleeding, we were to be in emergency medical care within 20 minutes. We were living quite far from town – out at the beach. (We moved much closer to town since & recently got a car.)

Some other wonderful things to learn were: It was possible that I would need to be hospitalized for the remainder of my term, I have a son at home – this just wasn’t possible. That because the placenta is implanted in such a way there is a possibility of needing a blood transfusion, emergency hysterectomy and so on.

needless to say, not only was I feeling like hell, I was using every ounce of strength I had to focus on healing & trying not to worry. I asked anyone that knew I had the condition to not look at it as an ailment, but instead send healing light & energy to me and the baby.

It’s apparently quite common before 20 weeks but only affects 1 in 200 pregnancies after that mark.

We went for our 32 week scan. It was still present. I had to start convincing myself that it wouldn’t all be as scary as I was imagining. I’ve never had surgery before let alone stitches, so the thought of that alone was scary enough, without all of the other craziness put on top of it.

We have an amazing OB & he suggested we do one last scan before making any decisions. We were preparing ourselves, thinking, if it hasn’t moved yet, the chances of it moving now were so slim. BUT we focused all of our energy on positive thoughts & left it up to the universe. We know whatever is meant to be has a purpose & we wouldn’t be steered wrong from what we were supposed to experience.

36 week scan: The placenta had moved 4 cm! The nurse made it clear to not get too excited as she wasn’t sure what the delivery doctor’s magic number of clearance would be.

We met with him the next day. He asked if we heard the good news & said we were cleared to attempt a natural birth! Horray! What a relief. What a long road with this issue to finally be done with it! The nurses called and said we would have to keep an eye on it but that it was moved just enough that things should be fine. Thank goodness!

My husband has been so amazing during this whole experience. Keeping positive, picking up way more slack than anyone should have to and taking such good care of us all. A huge shout out to him to show my appreciation. Words could never describe just how blessed we are to have him love us. He deserves a massive relaxing vacation. <3

We are at the 37 week mark now. I’ve been starting to feel a little better the last couple of days but there are still “simple” pregnancy things making life a little uncomfortable. We’ve experienced him sitting breech for a few weeks, lots of indigestion, feelings of my crotch wanting to fall off, (making walking next to impossible) lots of aches, pains, restless leg issues, cramps & sleepless nights. BUT we are just so happy & blessed that everyone is happy & healthy.

It’s all worth it in the end, anyhow.

Our 36 week scan indicated he was weighing in at 6lbs 5oz which is fantastic. Apparently babies gain an oz a day from 34 weeks on, so we’re hoping he’s a great big healthy bundle. He sure feels heavy enough in there. Rib Crusher. ^_^

Now that we’re all updated, I am going to attempt to finish some of these drafts I have sitting here, check my emails and hope to catch up a bit. I hope everyone is doing well.

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