Stink be Gone! Natural Deodorant Spray!

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This Heavy Duty Recipe for Natural Deodorant is for the SERIOUS STINKERS! 😉 ❤ {I was one, don’t worry! You’re not alone!} There is nothing more embarrassing than trying to avoid hugging friends and family because you stink! I was sick and tired of constantly having this issue!

I have been trying different all natural recipes for a few months, hoping to find something I could share with you guys, but I was struggling to find something effective enough for me personally. FINALLY, I found this original recipe for Spray Deodorant from Katie Wellness Mama & had to try it out! She’s brilliant & offers so many amazing recipes. Magnesium Oil! Of course! ~ Brilliant!

Katie’s recipe is based around people with a sensitivity to baking soda (so if you are – skip this recipe and head on over to hers.) After trying out this recipe I must say – It IS effective!! BUT – I need the stink sucking power of baking soda. :/ For some reason, after having my son – I STINK! My hormones must be totally crazy because I never had this problem before having children. I remember the “good ol’ days” in high school where I didn’t need deodorant at all, I could hit the gym, go for a long jog, all while staying fresh. This however, is no longer the case! Needless to say, in my adult years, I need a heavy duty deodorant to mask my hippie stink! ^_^ I understand that some people are sensitive to baking soda but I seem to be okay with it and so I decided to try and combine some things from some original deodorant recipes I was trying with this new and awesome one from Katie.

Even before converting to all natural products, I could only find ONE store brand that could keep my underarms smelling fresh. I needed to mimic that effect. 😉 (even though I’d rather stink then use chemicals any day)

The standard recipes I was trying before were okay, but really wouldn’t last long at all for me. Plus, scooping melted goop wasn’t fun, and if I refrigerated it I would end up with clumps and chunks from thinking I wasn’t putting enough on. “what’s all over you!?” my son would often ask. I tried so many different things. Tweaked every recipe I could find, and to my disappointment, nothing was strong enough. It wouldn’t even be an hour after a shower and the stink would come creeping up on me. {This is turning into a gross post! – My sincere apologies.} Needless to say, I am really enjoying this spray! No mess, no white marks on shirts, no itch, just pure power! (+ You can customize the scent to fit your preference)

Anyways…. I’ll get on to the recipe: 

Stink be Gone! Natural Deodorant Spray!


  • 200 ml Magnesium Oil OR fill your container with steaming hot distilled water and add in 2-3 tbs of the magnesium flakes. (Here is another post from Wellness Mama on how to make your own Magnesium Oil! as well as the benefits of it.)
  • 1 tsp Witch Hazel (optional)
  • 1-2 tsp Baking Soda
  • 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil (Tea Tree is antibacterial & antiseptic making it great for killing bacteria. It’s a little strong on it’s own so I like to blend it lightly with other oils)
  • Funnel
  • Spray bottle

Essential Oil Blend I used

  • 3 drops Tea Tree
  • 5 drops Coconut Oil
  • 5 drops Nag Champa Oil



  • Fill your container with your magnesium oil OR hot distilled water and magnesium flakes. Leaving a little room at the top.
  • Using a funnel – scoop in 1-2 tsp of baking soda
  • Shake vigorously until everything is dissolved.
  • drop in your essential oil blend
  • shake some more.

You are ready to rock this! – Shake well before each use. (we know how oil and water don’t mix)

After your shower spray on your under arms and allow to dry.

I must say THIS WORKS! I am stink free! I can hug freely! FINALLY! I hope this helps you too!

*NOTE* It’s important to remember, if you are just starting out on your natural journey, your underarms need time to detox. You may be smelly for a while as well. ^_^ The magnesium oil will help to detoxify faster.

Katie also recommends spraying a mix of 1:1 equal parts apple cider vinegar and water before applying natural deodorant. Thank You Katie for the tip!

Here is a post from Rapid Home Remedies on Eliminating underarm odors naturally. Lots of great herbal suggestions! Here is a post from Wellness Mama on the benefits and importance of magnesium oil.

Do you make all natural deodorant? What ingredients do you find most effective?

I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs for all of your essential oil and herbal healing needs. Harmonious Mind is also a great Canadian supplier of essential oils and other great things. Please also see my disclaimer. Thanks Friends.

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