Sugar Scrub Cubes ~ DIY all natural

This recipe can be as plain or fancy as you’d like. All depending on your preferences. You can add in bits of herbs, natural colourants, different butters and oils etc. This post will be a down to the basics, as simple as possible post & later I will add more extravagant variations of the same basic recipe.

I find these incredibly more handy then a regular sugar scrub, as you would normally have to carry a scoop with you to the shower all the while being careful not to get water into the rest of the mixture. With these, you just bring a single cube along with you. No need for messes or containers!

I see a lot of these with a melt and pour soap base added. I don’t have things like this on hand and so, if you’re like me – you may want a recipe without all the fancy stuff! – Just your basic exfoliating sugar scrub – in cute little cubes!

Sugar Scrub Cubes DIY all natura

What You’ll Need


  • Organic Cane Sugar (any sugar will do)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Your choice of scent – You can find a huge list of amazing essential oils at Mountain Rose Herbs or Starwest Botanicals.
  • spritzer of distilled water (Optional as many people would disagree with this, even though that’s how sugar cubes are made)


  • Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter
  • Natural Colorant


  • silicone mold ( I used one similar to THESE)
  • mixing container & spoon / spatula.

To Make

For the 15 cavity mold I used to create these I used approximately

  • 2 1/2 cups of sugar
  • 1/4 cup melted coconut oil ( you can mix the butters into this measurement if you’re going to use them )

Melt your butters and oils first. In a big mixing bowl, pour in your amount of sugar. Slowly pour your melted oil in, mixing constantly.  You want this to be spread evenly. You may not need all of the measured coconut oil.

I spritzed mine with distilled water. I find this helps hold everything together. (You will want to be sure these are fully dried before sealing these up though, as the water kept damp would create a bacteria issue)

Mix ingredients until you have a similar looking consistency as what is shown below. When your spoon is able to make a good firm indent without your mixture falling back, then you’ve got the right consistency.

Spoon your mixture into your molds and push down firmly with a spoon or your fingers. You don’t want any air pockets in between these or else they won’t stick together properly and will break apart when you try to pop them out of the mold.

sugar scrub cubes DIY

Leave your mixture in the molds until they have completely hardened. Trying to pop them out early will break them. This is where patience comes into play!😉 I left mine sitting for 3 days. You could also keep these in the fridge to solidify. As long as they aren’t in a humid space.

Once you can press firmly on the tops of them and they seem to be completely solid, carefully pull the tray apart from side to side to start releasing them. Push from the bottom of the mold until they pop up and out.

You could let them air dry another day or so.

Adorable Right!? Now you can package them up any way you choose or store them in an airtight jar. We decided to wrap these ones in cellophane with a cute little ribbon. (Thanks Richelle for the brilliant idea)

To Use:

Bring a single cube with you into the bath or shower. With wet hands kneed the cube until it begins to crumble. Massage gently in circular motions where you need a little exfoliation. Always moving toward the heart. This helps regulate blood flow.

Happy Exfoliating! ~<3

Have you got a favourite sugar scrub recipe you make at home?

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