Facial Oil Cleanse - All Natural Handmade

Oil Cleansing Method – For Radiant Looking Skin.

I've been using this method on my face religiously & I have to say it has solved so many issues I was having before. Before cleansing my face this way I was riddled with dry flaking skin, acne, redness, uneven skin tone, dull skin, - BLAH. Now - my face is looking much more clear, … Continue reading Oil Cleansing Method – For Radiant Looking Skin.

Calendula Healing Salve Acne Blend

Calendula Healing Salve – Acne Blend.

Never as a teen did I have acne issues but now as an adult, I do! How frustrating! You may remember my original post on acne- All natural Acne Relief cream. While this does help, I needed something a little stronger. I had made a universal healing ointment: Calendula Healing Salve, and tried it the … Continue reading Calendula Healing Salve – Acne Blend.

Calendula Tea

Calendula Tea – For Treating Skin Irritations.

Calendula Tea for treating acne, eczema, inflammations or infections in the mouth, lacerations, cuts, burns, wounds, ulcers, boils and so much more. Please also see Calendula Salve - DIY All Natural Healing Cream for more ways to treat skin irritations. To Make Calendula Tea: 2 tsp Dried Calendula Flowers 1 cup water You can either … Continue reading Calendula Tea – For Treating Skin Irritations.

Herbs & Their Healing Properties

Herbs / Nature’s Gifts & Their Properties

Original Image by: http://stockproject1.deviantart.com/ HERBS FOR:  ACNE Lavender Witch Hazel ANXIETY Skullcap Passionflower Chamomile Hops Lemon Balm Valerian Lavender BACK ACHE Goldenrod   BOILS Burdock Root Calendula BRUISES Witch Hazel Lavender BURNS / SCRAPES / CUTS / WOUNDS Birch Leaves Calendula Cleavers Echinacea Goldenrod Plantain CELLULITE Birch Leaves Birch Leaves Birch Leaves CONSTIPATION Dandelion Leaves DANDRUFF … Continue reading Herbs / Nature’s Gifts & Their Properties

Herbal Healing Giveaway from Briar-Rose’s Blessed Boutique {CLOSED}

2 x GIVEAWAYS- FB & IG WINNERS WILL RECEIVE: 8ml promo sized ALL NATURAL -Lavender Sleep Lotion -Chai Lip Therapy -Acne Treatment -Stress Release Bath Salts (Included is a product guide for your items)   Enter on Facebook HERE Enter on IG: @theblessedboutique For more information on the products please see them here: http://theblessedboutique.storenvy.com/ Product … Continue reading Herbal Healing Giveaway from Briar-Rose’s Blessed Boutique {CLOSED}