7 Ways to Edify Your Child

If you've been a parent for very long, or had a parent, or been around parents, then you know that one of the most crucial jobs is edifying your child. Many of the effects of daily life follow people from childhood through adolescents, and into adulthood. There are numerous psychological studies, books, and all sorts … Continue reading 7 Ways to Edify Your Child


‘Breastmilksicles’ for teething relief. 

Teething pops made from Frozen Breastmilk.  Babies can begin teething quite early on. Both my boys started at 3 months!! At 3 months there isn't much you can do in the way of teething help, aside from chilled teething rings which get old quickly in our case. Once they're a little older, you can chill … Continue reading ‘Breastmilksicles’ for teething relief. 

Lactation Boosting Porridge.

Lactation Boosting Porridge.

This is like tasty morning oatmeal but better. It might look a little gross but tastes so good! You can either use the batter from Katrina's no bake lactation cookies and mix in with yogurt, bananas & other extra ingredients or mix together: Oatmeal (instant works too) Organic is best. Or you could grab THIS … Continue reading Lactation Boosting Porridge.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

As part of World Breastfeeding Week: Before I get started, I want to point out that while breastfeeding is recommended best for baby & mama, it's just not possible for some mamas. Luckily there are many options for those that aren't able to breastfeed as well. (Post about what I've learned on this journey) Benefits … Continue reading Benefits of Breastfeeding

World Breastfeeding Week

As part of World Breastfeeding Week, I'll be sharing some posts in support. From August 1 - 7 2015 This World Breastfeeding Week, WABA calls for concerted global action to support women to combine breastfeeding and work. Whether a woman is working in the formal, non-formal or home setting, it is necessary that she is empowered … Continue reading World Breastfeeding Week