Tropical Summertime Smoothie – Coconut Colada

I could drink these all day long. They are SO delicious. They can help whisk you away to a tropical paradise, right in your own backyard! 😉 Our version is virgin but you could most definitely add your choice of alcohol to them. Coconut Rum would probably go really well. What you need:  Blender 1 … Continue reading Tropical Summertime Smoothie – Coconut Colada

Facial Oil Cleanse - All Natural Handmade

Oil Cleansing Method – For Radiant Looking Skin.

I've been using this method on my face religiously & I have to say it has solved so many issues I was having before. Before cleansing my face this way I was riddled with dry flaking skin, acne, redness, uneven skin tone, dull skin, - BLAH. Now - my face is looking much more clear, … Continue reading Oil Cleansing Method – For Radiant Looking Skin.

Top 50 Uses for Coconut Oil

Top 50+ Uses for Coconut Oil.

Healing of nearly anything - cuts, bites, rashes, skin irritations, itchiness, the list goes on and on.  Coconut oil is by far my most favorite ingredient in many things! The list is endless as to what it can be used for. I decided to compile a list of MY TOP 50 + FAVORITE ways to use … Continue reading Top 50+ Uses for Coconut Oil.