Healing Bath Scrubbies. DIY All Natural

Healing Bath Scrubbies. DIY All Natural

These are wonderful for any rashes, irritation or dry skin issues. I've used this blend for quite some time, in the Calendula Oatmeal bath blend, and the Bedtime baby blend. I love Calendula! It's my go-to staple for all things healing. It's gentle enough for baby & powerful enough for any skin issues. I remember watching … Continue reading Healing Bath Scrubbies. DIY All Natural


DIY – Layered Bath Salts *Natural Colourant*

What You'll Need:  Epsom Salts (or whichever bathing salts you prefer) Natural Colourant from India Tree Essential Oils of Choice (I used peppermint and Tea Tree for these ones.) You can find a huge list of amazing essential oils at Mountain Rose Herbs or Starwest Botanicals. (More purchasing options at the bottom of this post) Storage … Continue reading DIY – Layered Bath Salts *Natural Colourant*

Herbal Baby ~ Bedtime Bath Blend!

I love this herbal bath blend. It's similar to what I used for my son when he was a baby, only new and improved. He's now 9, and this still works like a charm for a nice calming bath blend before bed! A little chamomile tea with honey + this herbal bath = sleepy, calm … Continue reading Herbal Baby ~ Bedtime Bath Blend!