Natural-ly 4 u – Shop Spotlight.

It was to my pleasant surprise one of my son's BFF's mom had started making natural products! I love to hear that the natural movement just keeps on growing, especially when it's local! I was delighted that she gave me a little bag of goodies to try! I knew I had to share all about … Continue reading Natural-ly 4 u – Shop Spotlight.


Lavender Sleep Lotion ~ DIY All Natural

Lavender is used to help calm the nerves, promote sleep, rest and relaxation. Using lavender's calming essence as a form of aromatherapy is very effective to help you drift off to sleep. Here is a quick and simple recipe to make your own lavender sleep lotion. I added butters to this version but you can also make … Continue reading Lavender Sleep Lotion ~ DIY All Natural

Essential Oil Safety Information (AIA Injury Reports)

Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy has a 2 part series called: Top 10 Worst Injuries from Essential Oils of 2014 This is an ongoing study they are working on. I think these are important to read as sooo many people are misinformed about essential oil safety, or worse, they are given poor advice without doing their own research. … Continue reading Essential Oil Safety Information (AIA Injury Reports)

Which Essential Oils Should I Avoid During Pregnancy?

Which Essential Oils Should I Avoid During Pregnancy?

This is somewhat of a difficult topic. There are so many different ideas as to what's safe and what's not. It's actually quite confusing. I have been doing as much research as I can as to why each one is considered unsafe. There are contradicting answers everywhere.. While I'm not going to personally test my luck, … Continue reading Which Essential Oils Should I Avoid During Pregnancy?

Canadian Suppliers for Essential Oils

Canadian Suppliers for Essential OIls

HI Friends! It has been brought to my attention that Mountain Rose Herbs & Starwest Botanicals are no longer allowed to ship essential oils to Canada! This is due to the possibility of them being flammable. Needless to say, this is quite upsetting to me - as I am from Canada. SO - my mission the last … Continue reading Canadian Suppliers for Essential OIls

Cheap & Easy – DIY “Poop Spray” – All Natural.

  That's right! I call it Poop Spray! This quick and simple recipe for deodorizing bathroom spray is very effective & much safer than spraying around all those chemicals! 🙂 What You'll Need: Spray Bottle (I used a 120 ml) Distilled Water - Warmed Baking Soda (½ a tsp) (this is optional but helps to … Continue reading Cheap & Easy – DIY “Poop Spray” – All Natural.

DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter

DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter.

Coconut Oil is so amazing for our skin, one problem is, it's a little difficult to scrape out of the jar. Well, here is a simple solution so you can enjoy the nourishing benefits of coconut oil - anytime. This recipe can be customized to fit any preference. Essential oils can be added for different … Continue reading DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter.

make your own perfume

DIY All Natural Body Mist.

An all natural alternative to store-bought perfumes. This was one of the reasons I began my natural journey. Both my son and I have severe reactions to anything from (store-bought) deodorant, to laundry detergent. I've never been able to wear commercial perfumes and now that I know what kind of chemicals are in some of … Continue reading DIY All Natural Body Mist.

DIY – Peppermint Tea Tree – Foot Soak

Give your tired aching tootsies a much deserved rest with this simple DIY foot soak. Epsom salts help to relieve pain by pulling toxins out of our body. Peppermint is great for releasing tension and relaxing nerves, it's also naturally cooling which helps relieve aches and pains.  Tea Tree has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties making … Continue reading DIY – Peppermint Tea Tree – Foot Soak

Sugar Scrub Cubes! DIY All Natural

Sugar Scrub Cubes! ~ DIY all natural!

This recipe can be as plain or fancy as you'd like. All depending on your preferences. You can add in bits of herbs, natural colourants, different butters and oils etc. This post will be a down to the basics, as simple as possible post & later I will add more extravagant variations of the same … Continue reading Sugar Scrub Cubes! ~ DIY all natural!