Natural Lavender Bath Bars - DIY

Natural Lavender Bath Bars – DIY

Originally I needed to remake this recipe for our 'Natural Soap Bath Bars - DIY' because a few people had pointed out the recipe was not working, which means I made an error while typing it out. I apologize profusely. Of course I can't locate a hard copy. (I'll keep looking) So in the meantime, I decided I … Continue reading Natural Lavender Bath Bars – DIY

Luxurious 'Lavender Vanilla' Herbal Bath Bombs - DIY All Natural

Luxurious ‘Lavender Vanilla’ Herbal Bath Bombs – DIY All Natural

This was our very first time making bath bombs! We are thrilled with how they turned out! We included some of our favourite oils & salts for their skin nourishing benefits. We'll definitely be trying out different ingredients in the near future. These are perfect sleepy time bombs. Lavender helps to calm and relax us. … Continue reading Luxurious ‘Lavender Vanilla’ Herbal Bath Bombs – DIY All Natural

Lavender Sleep Lotion ~ DIY All Natural

Lavender is used to help calm the nerves, promote sleep, rest and relaxation. Using lavender's calming essence as a form of aromatherapy is very effective to help you drift off to sleep. Here is a quick and simple recipe to make your own lavender sleep lotion. I added butters to this version but you can also make … Continue reading Lavender Sleep Lotion ~ DIY All Natural

Sleepytime Bath Blend

This is a super quick and easy detox bath blend for help sleeping, calming, releasing stress, rest & relaxation. Lavender is an amazing and light therapeutic scent, helping to release the stresses of the day and calm us before bedtime. The scent of lavender has shown to have positive effects on mood within certain adult … Continue reading Sleepytime Bath Blend

Calendula Oatmeal Herbal Bath Blend

Oatmeal Calendula – Herbal Bath Blend. – DIY

This is an adult variation of the Herbal Baby Bedtime Bath Blend. It's soothing for the mind & body. The main difference is there are more epsom salts added to the adult version. The salts mixed with the baking soda help to detoxify and cleanse the body, while the calendula & oatmeal is healing and  soothing … Continue reading Oatmeal Calendula – Herbal Bath Blend. – DIY

DIY healing oil

Calendula, Tea Tree & Lavender Healing Oil – DIY

I recently attended the Harvest Routes festival where I was a vendor selling some of the items I make here on this site. (as well as a few new ones, I will put up shortly). To my surprise, the two top sellers were the Calendula Healing Salve & a brew of oils I make at … Continue reading Calendula, Tea Tree & Lavender Healing Oil – DIY

Calendula Healing Salve Acne Blend

Calendula Healing Salve – Acne Blend.

Never as a teen did I have acne issues but now as an adult, I do! How frustrating! You may remember my original post on acne- All natural Acne Relief cream. While this does help, I needed something a little stronger. I had made a universal healing ointment: Calendula Healing Salve, and tried it the … Continue reading Calendula Healing Salve – Acne Blend.