LET E-CLOTH HELP! Who doesn't have a goal to live healthier? with e-cloth, cleaning EFFECTIVELY and safely is simple. Why Choose e-cloth? e-cloth products enable a chemical-free cleaning process that only uses water.They carry the healthiest cleaning solutions for your home, car, body or pets. safer for your home and your family's health. Surfaces are cleaned … Continue reading THE HEALTHIEST YOU IN 2018


e-cloth – a great product for chemical free cleaning. (& GIVEAWAY!)

 I'm so excited to tell you all about this amazing product! Here's my beautiful Raspberry General Purpose Cloth from e-cloth! To use this cloth, all you need is water! This chemical free way to clean is revolutionary. This cloth kills 99% of bacteria trapping it in its fine microfiber. Just rinse with HOT water until wash day. Save … Continue reading e-cloth – a great product for chemical free cleaning. (& GIVEAWAY!)

DIY – Toilet Cleaning Fizzy Bombs

These toilet fizzies add a fun spin on having to clean the toilet. 😉 They have antibacterial oils in them to help disinfect, while the 'bath bomb' ingredients fizz around the bowl helping to combat grime. WHAT YOU'LL NEED: 1/4 cup Citric Acid (you can add more to get more fizzing action) 1/2 cup Baking Soda … Continue reading DIY – Toilet Cleaning Fizzy Bombs

All Natural Bathroom Deodorizer

Simple yet Effective Bathroom Deodorizer + Freshener.

This recipe is so simple to make & works wonders. I love how it keeps our bathroom smelling fresh. PLUS, there are limitless scent options that you can try to suit your preferences. It's easy for bathrooms to begin smelling musty or yucky. These little jars keep your bathroom smelling fresh & clean. Depending on … Continue reading Simple yet Effective Bathroom Deodorizer + Freshener.